Special Notification of Single Prime Project

On July 22, 2011, legislation was passed through SB 1352 which gives CDB the ability to use single prime project delivery method on projects of $15 million or more when considered to be in the best interest of the state.
This project has been selected to bid and award to the successful low bidder as a single prime contract.
In compliance with the legislative act, (P.A. 95-0758), the general contractor, at the time of bid, shall list on the bid form, all major subcontractors such as plumbing, heating, ventilation, electrical, sprinklers, and temperature control, and their respective subcontract amounts.

The Capital Development Board has submitted an application for review of this project delivery option to the Procurement Policy Board, to be presented at the September 11, 2014 (Thursday) PPB Meeting. Please see the PPB website for updates. www.ppb.illinois.gov.

Project Title:
Renovate and Upgrade Facility, IYC, Joliet
Joliet, Will County, Illinois
CDB #120-231-030

Project Description:
The IYC Joliet facility is being converted from a juvenile detention facility to an adult maximum security housing and treatment facility for the mentally ill. A total of thirteen buildings are included in the scope of work which is summarized as follows:
  • •Accommodations in housing units for mentally ill offenders to include suicide prevention, hardening of cells, provisions for bunks, desks and shelving
• Doors, locks and window renovations
• Life safety and accessibility updates and modifications
• Accommodations for an increased level of health care for the offender population
• Site security constructions to include a new tower, a second perimeter fence and a new sally port
• Repairs and modifications to the facility entrance to include improved traffic flow and expansion of the parking lots
• Miscellaneous mechanical system replacements
• Security Electronic renovations
• Asbestos abatement as necessary for the new construction

Estimated Total Project Cost: $17,000,000
Estimated Total Construction Cost: $15,256,000

Anticipated Bid Date: December 2014

DLR Group
222 S. Riverside Plaza, Suite 2220
Chicago, Illinois 60606

CDB Project Manager: Steve Halm

Minority & Female Business Subcontractor/Supplier Participation are required.
NOTE: Questions regarding the single prime services and procedures should be directed to Ron Wright - Construction Administrator, at (217) 782-8532.