Notice: Revision to Section 00 41 05 in Division 0 Bid Documents

Notice:  Revision to Section 00 41 05 in Division 0 Bid Documents

October 31, 2018

The Capital Development Board (CDB) will implement a revision to Section 00 41 05 of the Division 0 bid documents effective for bid solicitations posted on the CDB Procurement Bulletin on or after November 15, 2018, where MBE, WBE and/or VBE goals are identified.  This section, also referred to as the '4105 Form,' is being revised to address the issue of blank 4105 Forms being submitted at the time of the bid opening.  CDB is defining a blank 4105 Form as one that is submitted with no participation listed for Minorities, Women or Veterans Business Participation.

The revision requires bidders to list the MBE, WBE and VBE participation they obtained prior to the bid date on the 4105 Form and submit their completed 4105 Form with their bid.  If a bidder identifies zero participation on the 4105 Form, the bidder is required to check the appropriate box on the 4105 Form and submit good faith effort (GFE) documentation that demonstrates good faith effort the bidder made prior to the bid opening within four (4) calendar days of the bid due date.  The ten (10) day cure period is not applicable to bids that reflect zero participation on their 4105 Form.  Bidders will not be notified by CDB regarding the four (4) calendar day submission requirement.  The bidder is responsible for meeting the GFE submittal requirement in the four (4) calendar days.  The GFE documentation can be electronically submitted in PDF format to or delivered to the CDB Springfield office to the attention of the Fair Employment Practices (FEP) Unit.  Failure to submit within the four (4) calendar days, or CDB rejection of submitted GFE documentation, may result in the disqualification of the bidder.

The revised Section 00 41 05 and associated minor revisions to the Table of Contents and Section 01 41 01 Supplement to the SDC will be posted on the Reference Library, located on the CDB website.