Illinois Capital Development Board Releases $1.9 Million in Rebuild Illinois Funding to Sauk Valley Community College Towards Replacement of Air Handlers, Condensate Pumps, and Renovate Cooling Tower

Funding to Repair Aging Facilities Made Possible by Governor Pritzker's Rebuild Illinois Capital Plan 

DIXON– The Illinois Capital Development Board today announced $1.9 million has been released from the state towards the replacement of air handlers, condensate pumps, and renovation of the cooling tower at Sauk Valley Community College, with local matching funds supporting a total investment of $2.6 million. The funding will help address deferred maintenance projects on the Sauk Valley Community College campus that have been stalled due to a lack of investment by previous administrations. Made possible by Governor Pritzker's bipartisan capital plan, the first in nearly a decade, the renovation work will create good jobs and economic opportunities for residents in the surrounding community. CDB will oversee the project's renovation under the protocol for state-appropriated capital projects. 

"It is the duty of elected officials to provide young people with the tools and resources they need to shape their future and achieve their dreams," said Governor JB Pritzker. "With funding from the  Rebuild Illinois capital plan, Sauk Valley Community College will be able to complete long-needed maintenance work and complete the replacement of air handlers, condensate pumps, and renovation of the cooling tower, further cementing its place as an educational leader that excels in preparing talented students for the careers of tomorrow." 

"I am thankful to the State of Illinois for funding the replacement of air handlers, cooling towers, and upgrading pneumatic controls," said CDB Executive Director Jim Underwood. "The Rebuild Illinois capital plan is essential to upgrading and improving facilities throughout the state." 

"Sauk's mission is to engage the community in lifelong learning, public service, and economic development. The faculty and staff at Sauk are proud of our commitment to this mission, and these funds will assist us in improving our facilities so this mission continues long into the future," said Dr. Hellmich, President of Sauk Valley Community College.

"Today's release of maintenance funding for Sauk Valley Community College is a very welcomed development. Community colleges build the foundation of higher education throughout Illinois, and Sauk Valley has been a tremendous contributor to the economic success of the Rock River region for more than 50 years," said State Senator Brian Stewart (R – Freeport). "These investments will allow the school to continue its mission and success rate for many years to come"

"This allocation of infrastructure funding to Sauk Valley Community College will be beneficial to the entire faculty and student body on campus. As we seem to be easing out of the COVID-19 pandemic, the replacement of air handlers and overall HVAC systems couldn't come at a more appropriate time, and I'm thankful Illinois is choosing to invest in our higher education facilities like this," said State Representative Tom Demmer (R – Dixon).

The historic Rebuild Illinois capital plan passed with bipartisan super-majorities and will invest $45 billion in roads, bridges, railways, universities, early childhood centers, and state facilities like the new crime lab and veterans' homes, creating, and supporting an estimated 540,000 jobs over the life of the six-year plan and revitalizing local economies across the state. 

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