Buy Illinois Program

CDB encourages our construction industry partners to BUY ILLINOIS. Our Directory of Illinois Products can help you find information on products manufactured, fabricated, or assembled in Illinois.

For Design Professionals

We encourage you to include Illinois products in project specifications.

Where products are typically specified by a list of three manufacturers and their product names and model numbers, consider including Illinois manufacturers whenever possible. Indicate them in the project manual with (IL) preceding the item in the specification paragraph.

To assist you we offer detailed instructions and Specification Section 01 11 00.

For Contractors

We encourage you to procure Illinois products during the construction phase of the project. Indicate them on the Contractors Schedule of Values. To assist you we offer detailed instructions.

Participation in the program is not mandatory and it will not give any preference in contract awards.

The project bid documents will incorporate the Buy Illinois program information in Specification Section 01 11 00.

More Information

If you need more information or have an Illinois manufactured, fabricated, or assembled product, and you would like it to be included in our directory, contact the appropriate coordinator below.

Ray Boosinger
Phone: 217-557-6140

Bob Oxley 
Mechanical and Electrical 
Phone: 217-558-5674