Prequalification with the CDB

CDB provides opportunities for firms to provide design, construction, and construction/program management services on large as well as small projects throughout the State of Illinois.

Vendors must be prequalified prior to bidding or providing applications for selection. The processing of prequalification applications may take up to 30 days, so firms are urged to prequalify now in order to be ready for upcoming projects resulting from the signing of the Capital Bill.

Please Note: prequalification and registration are not the same. If you are currently registered as a subcontractor, but intend to submit a bid for a project as a prime contractor, or participant on a single prime project as a designated "protected subcontractor, "then you must apply for prequalification approval.

There are three types of prequalification applications. Please download the form(s) applicable to the services you wish to bid:

For assistance with the Prequalification process, please contact a Prequalification Specialist at or (217) 782-2864.