Building Codes and Regulations

Code Regulations

The State of Illinois has not adopted statewide building codes. Instead, units of local government such as cities and counties can adopt codes of their choice. The best and most accurate answers to building code questions must be answered by your city, village, or county code official.

To assist the public in navigating these local codes, CDB has been tasked with identifying and publishing them on its website.


Illinois statute requires that all local jurisdictions must follow the most current versions of the Illinois Energy Conservation Code and the Illinois Plumbing Code.


By statute, all municipalities with a population of less than 1,000,000 or counties adopting a new building code or amending an existing building code must

  • at least 30 days before adopting the code or amendment,
  • provide an identification of the code, by title and edition, or the amendment to CDB. 
Use the County Municipal Code Reporting Form to notify CDB of your new or amended code.


To assist you, CDB provides two directories; one of local building codes and the other listing state regulations and statutes for your convenience. More information can be found on the Building Codes & Regulations FAQ page.

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