Illinois Codes

Building Code & Regulations 

"The Capital Development Board's Division of Building Codes and Regulations (formerly the Illinois Building Commission) acts as an advisory body assigned the responsibility to assist in streamlining building requirements in Illinois. 

Illinois Accessibility Code

The Illinois Accessibility Code implements the Environmental Barriers Act. The Code includes design requirements for public facilities and multi-story housing units as defined in the Code as well as all spaces and elements within them. It has the force of a building code in Illinois. The Code constitutes the minimum requirement and any governmental unit may enact stricter standards to increase access.

Illinois Administrative Code

The Joint Committee on Administrative Rules is a bipartisan legislative oversight committee created by the General Assembly in 1977.  Pursuant to the Illinois Administrative Procedure Act, the committee is authorized to conduct systematic reviews of administrative rules promulgated by state agencies. For convenience, this website provides a list of Administrative Code links that pertain directly to CDB.

Illinois Energy Conservation Code

The Illinois Energy Conservation Code is designed to help protect the environment and reduce energy consumption. Through this statewide policy, state officials hope to cut pollution, moderate peak energy demand, better assure the reliability of energy supplies and stabilize energy costs.