Qualification Based Selection Submittal Documents for Architects/Engineers

​When submitting a 255 Form, all A/E firm's must also submit fully executed copies of the Standard Business Terms and Conditions and either Forms A or Forms B (as applicable). Only forms downloaded from this page should be used as these represent the most current versions of these forms.

Firms are encouraged to register through the Illinois Procurement Gateway at http://ipg.vendorreg.com. Registration on the IPG allows a firm to submit the shorter Forms B Certifications document. Firms not registered on the IPG must submit a complete Forms A document.

Questions concerning the QBS Submittal Documents should be directed to the QBS Department at 217/524-6400.

255 Form

​​Forms A

Forms B

Standard Business Terms and Conditions


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For questions or troubleshooting please contact the QBS unit at 217-524-6400.