Project Number321-110-068
Location NameLudeman Developmental Center - Cook County
Project DescriptionReplace Water Main Piping
Contract Number22044981
Vendor NameCalumet City Plumbing and Heating Co., Inc.
TradeGeneral- Remod & Rehab
Date First Offered3/30/2021
Bid LocationSpringfield
Award Date8/27/2021

Firm NameBid TypeAlternate #AmountMBE PercentFBE PercentVBE Percent
Calumet City Plumbing and Heating Co., Inc.Base$2,588,000.0028.31%5.02%2.05%
M & J Underground Inc.Base$2,675,000.000.00%90.85%0.00%
Pan-Oceanic Engineering Co., Inc.Base$3,315,410.0096.10%6.27%22.98%