Project Number546-080-015
Location NameNorthwest Readiness Center - Chicago
Project DescriptionReplace Roof
Contract Number21042281
Vendor NameL. Marshall, Inc.
TradeGeneral- Remod & Rehab
Date First Offered2/10/2020
Bid LocationChicago
Award Date9/16/2020

Firm NameBid TypeAlternate #AmountMBE PercentFBE PercentVBE Percent
L. Marshall, Inc.Base$1,886,000.0020.04%5.04%0.00%
Broadway Electric, Inc.Base$2,123,000.0074.89%5.04%0.00%
Elens and Maichin Roofing and Sheet Metal, Inc.Base$2,172,900.0020.25%5.06%0.00%
A-1 Roofing Co.Base$2,429,000.0020.0%5.00%0.00%