Project Number546-096-010
Location NameDecatur Army and Aviation Support Facility - Macon Co.
Project DescriptionRepair/Upgrade HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing Systems
Contract Number22042283
Vendor NameA & R Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
TradeHeating & Air Conditioning- Remod & Rehab
Date First Offered4/28/2021
Bid LocationSpringfield
Award Date8/2/2021

Firm NameBid TypeAlternate #AmountMBE PercentFBE PercentVBE Percent
A & R Mechanical Contractors, Inc.Base$1,295,014.006.00%4.02%0.00%
A & R Mechanical Contractors, Inc.Alternate1$44,079.006.01%4.02%0.00%
E.L. Pruitt CompanyBase$1,358,238.006.04%4.05%0.00%
E.L. Pruitt CompanyAlternate1$26,532.005.65%5.65%0.00%
The Burdick Plumbing and Heating CompanyBase$1,440,000.006.25%0.69%0.00%
The Burdick Plumbing and Heating CompanyAlternate1$54,400.000.00%0.00%0.00%