Project Number810-056-028
Location NameCollege of Lake County - Grayslake, Lake County
Project DescriptionReplace Roofing System
Contract Number22040281
Vendor NameL. Marshall, Inc.
TradeGeneral- Remod & Rehab
Date First Offered1/26/2021
Bid LocationChicago
Award Date7/17/2021

Firm NameBid TypeAlternate #AmountMBE PercentFBE PercentVBE Percent
L. Marshall, Inc.Base$1,896,000.0020.04%5.01%0.00%
A-1 Roofing Co.Base$1,932,000.0020.0%5.00%0.00%
DCG Roofing Solutions, Inc.Base$2,222,000.0020.0%11.23%0.00%
Tori Construction, LLCBase$2,807,097.0020.13%27.29%0.00%
Knickerbocker Roofing and Paving Co., Inc.Base$2,205,000.00