Design - Build Projects

​​​CDB forms and manuals related to DB projects have been added to the Reference Library. These include the Standard Documents for Design-Build Projects (SD-DB) which is the basic contract (boilerplate) for CDB design-build projects and forms related to the DB RFP as well as forms needed for administering design and construction phases.

Archive of ​past Design Build Projects

The Capital Development Board (“CDB”) intends to issue (on or after August 1, 2018) a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the following Design-Build project:

CDB Project No. 120-000-062
Department of Corrections
Construct New In-Patient Treatment Center
Joliet, Will County, Illinois
Project Budget (Bridging, Commissioning, and Design-Build) - $150,000,000.00

CDB will host a Public Outreach on Tuesday, July 24, 2018 at the Melrose Park Senior Center, located at 900 N. 25th Ave., Melrose Park, IL 60160, from 1:30pm—3:00pm.  Interested firms are encouraged to attend this meeting for information about the project and the Design-Build RFP process that will be used to select a Design-Build Entity to construct the project.

Joliet Treatment in-patient Fac7/31/2018
01.120-000-062 RFP8/1/2018
03.Design-Build Pricing Schedule8/1/2018
04.00 41 08 Standard Business Terms and Conditions 3.20178/1/2018
05.00 41 09 SP Certifications and Disclosures8/1/2018
08.Phase II Utilization Plan8/1/2018
09.PC-2 Workforce Projection8/1/2018
10.00 41 06 Bid Bond 4.20118/1/2018
11.Selection Criteria Weighting8/1/2018
12.01 11 01 - SP Supplement to SD-DB 3.20178/1/2018
14.ADMIN Drawings8/1/2018
15.MEDICAL Drawings - Part 1 of 28/1/2018
16.MEDICAL Drawings - Part 2 of 28/1/2018
00.Pre-Submittal Meeting8/9/2018
080818 Attendance Sheets8/9/2018

Items which will be posted here in the Procurement section of the CDB website include:

  • Notice of upcoming DB projects (Futures)
  • Design-Build RFPs and related forms​
  • Amendments to the RFPs
  • RFP response deadlines
  • List of responders to Phase 1 RFPs (after the deadline for submitting Phase 1 responses)
  • List of DB entities selected to submit responses to Phase 2 of the DB RFP
  • DB entity awarded the project
  • Design Build Questions & Answers
  • Submit all questions to

NOTE: The designers and all major contractors/subcontractors performing any of the General, Plumbing, Heating, Ventilation, Electrical work must be prequalified with CDB before the Phase 1 submittal deadline. Prequalification Forms and instructions are available in the Reference Library. Allow a minimum of 45 days after submission of the prequalification form for the prequalification process.