Illinois Procurement Gateway

The State of Illinois Chief Procurement Office has made available the Illinois Procurement Gateway (IPG).  The IPG ( is a streamlined, online process that allows those doing business with the state (including contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers and consultants) to enter, organize, and submit information, certification and disclosure documents online, in advance of a particular procurement.  We encourage all those that do business with the Capital Development Board to register in the IPG located at

Use of the IPG is optional.  You will have the option of submitting a bid or 255 form via paper, or with an IPG registration.  CDB is incorporating the option to use an IPG registration number in its bidding documents.  Effective August 15, 2014, all solicitations will allow the use the number in place of certain paper documents.  Until all CDB bidding and offer documents are updated, please use the standard paper submittal option.

As CDB documents are fully updated you will see some additional minor changes, such as an area to detail the services provided by subcontractors and a 00 41 08 form which contains the Standard Terms and Conditions.  Please review all bid and offer forms carefully and follow the instructions..



Who is Required to Register with the IPG?

Registration in the IPG is optional.  Vendors may continue to submit bids and offers using the standard paper forms.  Registration into the IPG does, however, result in:

  1. A reduction in paper forms required with each bid/offer.
  2. Reduced time to review each bid or offer.
  3. An online directory of vendors.

The State uses information submitted through the IPG to review vendor information in advance of submitting bids and offers for contracts. Upon satisfactory registration, vendors receive a registration number that may be used in place of paper submission of required forms.

When Should Vendors Register?

Vendors that would like to use the IPG registration number with a bid/offer must register, and receive a registration number, prior to submitting a bid.  This number must be placed on the bid/offer form.  Please allow adequate time for the review and processing of the documents submitted online. 

Where Do Vendors Register?

The Illinois Procurement Gateway is located at:

Where can I submit questions?

State of Illinois IPG Contact Information

Vendor Registration Inquires:

Customer Service & General Inquiries:
Mon-Fri 9AM – 4PM CST
Phone: 217-782-1270