Unofficial Bid Opening Results

Project Number 805-030-023 (Ph. 1)
Location Illinois Math and Science Academy - Aurora
Description Replace Heating and Cooling Systems
Trade Ventilation- Remod & Rehab
Bid Date/Time 9/2/2020  /  5:30 PM
Posted Date 8/7/2020
Status Posted
Bid Type Rebid


Firm NameBid TypeAlternate #Alternate PriorityAmount
Hill Mechanical Corp.Base$2,623,100.00
Hill Mechanical Corp.Alternate11$24,200.00
Hill Mechanical Corp.Alternate22$189,500.00
Hill Mechanical Corp.Alternate33$200,350.00
Amber Mechanical Contractors Inc.Base$2,873,000.00
Amber Mechanical Contractors Inc.Alternate11$64,000.00
Amber Mechanical Contractors Inc.Alternate22$112,000.00
Amber Mechanical Contractors Inc.Alternate33$200,000.00
R. J. Olmen CompanyBase$2,899,000.00
R. J. Olmen CompanyAlternate11$24,300.00
R. J. Olmen CompanyAlternate22$110,000.00
R. J. Olmen CompanyAlternate33$172,250.00
Flo-Tech Mechanical Systems, Inc.Base$3,088,000.00
Flo-Tech Mechanical Systems, Inc.Alternate11$60,000.00
Flo-Tech Mechanical Systems, Inc.Alternate22$78,000.00
Flo-Tech Mechanical Systems, Inc.Alternate33$188,000.00
Mechanical, Inc.Base$3,267,000.00
Mechanical, Inc.Alternate11$32,000.00
Mechanical, Inc.Alternate22$238,000.00
Mechanical, Inc.Alternate33$129,000.00

NOTICE: The information posted on this website does not indicate the final, “winning” bid for any CDB project. The information from bid tabulation sheets posted on this website represents only one step in the procurement process for state construction projects. Other criteria, along with cost proposals, are used to determine “winning” bids. “Winning” bidders receive a “Notice of Award” from CDB once the entire procurement process has been completed. Official procurement results are posted regularly on the Contract Awards section of the CDB Website.

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