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CDB would like to congratulate the team of Jacobs|OMA*AMO Architecture P.C. on their selection to design the New Discovery Partners Institute Building in The 78. The links below will take you to a recording of the teams October 20th presentation to the A/E Selection Committee (including the Q&A session following the presentation) along with presentation boards prepared by the team to showcase their conceptual design.

Jacobs|OMA*AMO Architecture P.C. Concept Presentation

Presentation Board #1

Presentation Board #2

Requests for Clarification/Responses (9/11/2020)

Competition Brief

Slides from August 25th Presentation to Kickoff the Conceptual Design Competition

Firms Shortlised to Participate in the Conceptual Design Competition:

Foster + Partners with Epstein
Jacobs Consultants, Inc. with OMA Architecture
Studio Gang

Firms Shortlisted to Move forward to Stage 2 Interviews:

Ennead Architects, LLP with Urbanworks and Brininstool + Lynch
Foster + Partners with Epstein
Holabird & Root, LLC with ZGF Architects, LLP and Johnson & Lee, Ltd.
Jacobs Consultants, Inc. with OMA Architecture, P.C.
Perkins + Will with schmidt/hammer/lassen/architects
Studio Gang

List of all firms submitting in response to the PSB.

​PSB 266 - Amendment 3 (includes Amendments 1 & 2 items)

Project No. 830-000-084 - Construct a New Discovery Partners Institute for Edcuation and Research

Information about the Virtual Outreach Event on June 3, 2020

PowerPoint from June 3rd Event.

You can view/listen to a recording of the June 3rd Event by clicking this link.

Attendance List from 6/3 Outreach Event: PDF

Compatibility Statements

Networking Expo Day 1

Networking Expo Day 2

Networking Expo Day 3

Networking Expo Day 4

​CDB/DPI Virtual Informational Session Q&A from June 3, 2020

​How do Net Zero Energy professional consulting teams and professional sustainability teams find contact information of the A/E point of contacts that are pursuing this opportunity?
Please see the attendance list from the 6/3/2020 meeting that is posted on the website.
As the project is seeking LEED and aspiring for Platinum, will there be opportunities for an independent LEED consultant/Net Zero energy consultant, separate from the design team, providing fresh eyes on design considerations? ­
It is entirely up to the submitting teams to determine what the roles and opportunities might be available for LEED and /or Net Zero consultants.
Will the LEED consultant and the commissioning agent be contracted under the submitting teams for the competition?  Or will these be requested separately by the CDB?  ­
LEED consultants, if used, should be included in the project teams at the time of the submittal. Independent Commissioning Agents will be contracted separately.
What type of insurance ‘consent’ is required for a Joint Venture?
Joint Ventures must meet the requirements for Prime Firms.  Please see the Standard Documents for Construction in the Reference Library for more information.
What are the CDB insurance requirements to be met for a Joint Venture?
Joint Ventures must meet the requirements for Prime Firms.  Please see the Standard Documents for Construction in the Reference Library for more information.
How will the state recognize a WBE/MBE status within a Joint Venture? ­
WBE/MBE status will be allocated dependent upon the percentage of that companies' level of participation or responsibility as defined in the Joint-Venture agreement between the firms.
Will a Joint Venture need to have all paperwork (LLC number from the Secretary of State etc.) in order prior to submission? Or just prior to award? ­
While Joint Venture agreements do not have to be finalized in order to submit, they may be requested at any time during the procurement process so JV's should be prepared to submit documents if/when they are requested. ­
Is there a limit to the number of photographs included with selected projects?  If photos are included, are they required to fit on the form (one-sided page) or can they be attached as separate pages? ­
We are not limiting the number of photographs firms may include but please use judgement in selecting photographs that are representative of the projects being included in the submittal. ­
Is a CTA train stop or access to a station a consideration for this project? ­
There is an existing CTA station located approximately 2 blocks to the east of the site so it would not be a part of this design.
Is the nearby park part of the site to be considered for this project?
Allow for a mix of outdoor spaces and public plaza space.  Teams will be given more direction after teams are short listed for the conceptual competition.
How many firms will be invited to participate in the competition? ­
We anticipate shortlisting 5-6 firms to interview based on the submittals received on July 2nd. After the interviews are completed, we will then shortlist 3 or 4 firms to participate in the Conceptual Design Competition.
Do you have to reregister as a vendor if we have previously submitted? ­
If your vendor registration is current and has not expired no additional action is required specifically for the DPI project.  Registrations and Prequalification are valid for 3 years.  Please confirm your firm's details on the CDB website. ­

You can perform a search of CDB's database through our website by following this link: /cdb/business/Pages/Vendor-Searches.aspx

Morreale Communications is a WBE/DBE strategic communications firm based in Chicago with a specialty in communications and public engagement for large infrastructure projects. I did not see this on the specialty vendor list. How do we register?
Select the most appropriate option on the Vendor Registration form which is probably the Studies/Planning option.
Will Landscape Architect subconsultants who currently do provide a seal for UIUC projects, need to be CDB prequalified? ­
Effective January 1, 2020 Landscape Architects are no longer required to be licensed in the State of Illinois. Therefore, they are not required to be prequalified.
How can we double check that our firm is prequalified? Is there a directory available online? ­
You can perform a search of CDB's database through our website by following this link: /cdb/business/Pages/Vendor-Searches.aspx
Are "completed projects" meant to be construction is completed or is design completed qualify as a completed project? ­
­For Prequalification purposes, construction should be completed for projects submitted as references. 

"Completed projects" as referenced in SECTION 3 of the project scope advertisement on page 15 may be designs that have been completed. Construction does not have to be complete.

Are subs (MBE/DBE/VBE/WBE) firms permitted to be sub to multiple primes? ­
CDB does not restrict subconsultants from participating on multiple submitting teams.
Does CDB publish a directory of pre-qualified firms? ­
You can search of CDB's database of prequalified and registered firms through our website by following this link: /cdb/business/Pages/Vendor-Searches.aspx
When do you anticipate issuing RFQ for CM services? ­
The RFQ for CM services will be issued around the time that the A/E selection is finalized in December.
May you restate the 5 protected sub disciplines under the Single prime with protected subs with CM-Agency support delivery model?
The five trades are General, Heating, Ventilating, Plumbing and Electrical.
Do FEP Goals include Small Business Enterprises (SBE)? ­
No, CDB does not recognize small business goals for projects.  The goals on this project are 25% Minority Owned Enterprises/MBE, 10% Women Owned Enterprises/WBE and 3% Veteran Owned Enterprises/VBE.
If you are a subconsultant to the selected A/E firm, will you be precluded to submitting on CM services? ­
Yes, firms on the design team will not be allowed to also be on the CM or Commissioning team.
If a firm submits as an A/E subconsultant and is not successful, can they also submit on the CMa RFQ/RFP? Will there be enough time between Professional Services Bulletins to accommodate this? ­
Publication of PSB's with advertisements for Commissioning and Construction Management Services will be staggered to ensure that unsuccessful firms have the opportunity submit for subsequent contracts.
How soon will the CMa RFQ/RFP be published? ­
The RFQ for CM services will be issued around the time that the A/E selection is finalized in December.
Can an MBE firm submit on a CMa­ team and on a Single Prime (General Contractor) team if the selection process time permits? ­
Firms can submit for multiple contracts if they are unsuccessful, however, a firm will not be permitted to be on a design, commissioning or construction managers team and participate as a member of the construction team building the project.
To whom should we reach out to promote our diverse firm? ­
Jesse Martinez
Joey Moore

Sharla Roberts

How does an international firm register in Illinois?
International firms providing conceptual design services should submit a Vendor Registration form.  If the firm does not already have a Tax ID number they should See the IRS website for additional information.
Is a Tax ID number required for International Firm?
Yes.  See the IRS website for additional information.
How will international references be done?
All references will be sent and returned by email.
What entities are required to provide financial disclosures?
Financial disclosures must be completed by the owners of a firm, and if a parent company is listed in the application, financial disclosures for the parent company are also required to be submitted.
Will registration with the Illinois Procurement Gateway (IPG) be accepted?
If the firm has registered with Illinois Procurement Gateway, Forms B can be submitted in lieu of Form A Certifications and Disclosures for their prequalification application.
Can the prime consultant and contract holder be separate firms?
No, the "Prime" firm is the firm submitting the response to the RFQ and is the firm that will enter into a contract with CDB if selected.
Please clarify what group of consultants should be used as a basis for the calculation of MBE/WBE/VBE participation goals.
All consultants that add a commercial useful function.
Is the contract going to be the standard CDB contract?  If so, is there an opportunity to discuss limitation of liability or the negotiation of consequential damages in section 3.4?
Yes, it will be the standard CDB contract. CDB will not modify the contract terms.
Will this DPI project be held to the standard CDB Fee Schedule ranges?
As noted in Amendment the advertisement "CDB Standard Fee Tables may not apply to this project."
Item 11 - Is it possible to list in the project experience a new construction (001) even if it's a residential project with retail component?
It is entirely up to the submitting teams to determine what project experience they include in their submittals.
Is it possible to provide the feasibility study by JLK this month to get a better understanding on the scope and potential scope split between disciplines?
A copy of the Study will be provided to the short-listed firms.
Is there somewhere you can find a list of people that are prequalified or registered, and will it be up to date?
The following link will allow you to search CDB's database of prequalified and registered firms:
How soon will the CM be published?
CDB would anticipate advertising for a Construction Manager around the time that the selection of the Design Team is finalized in December.
Can you advise on all the overall funding sources for the project?
Funding for this project is provided in PA 101-07, from the Build Illinois Bond Fund. A small portion of the project is funded by the University of Illinois.
Can an MBE/WBE/VBE partner with one or more firms?
Absolutely, provided that the Prime firms have no objections. CDB does not limit how many teams' sub-consultants can participate in and we frequently see firms appearing on multiple teams for projects.
Can you give information on the competition requirements? Will the selected consultant be responsible for program? Verification after the selection?
While we are still working through some of the details of the competition I would expect the shortlisted firms to use the information in the Study completed by Johnson Lasky Kindelin Architects in the Conceptual Design Competition, however, the selected firm will need to complete programming and verification as a part of their services.
Will there be a way to submit a larger electric file that may be too big for an email attachment?
Yes, we will provide instructions in an Amendment to the PSB in the coming weeks on how files too large to be emailed can be submitted.
Who would we contact if we had questions regarding the submission over the course of the next month?
All questions should be directed to Brent Lance the Capital Planning/QBS Administrator at
Could you be on a CM team as well as the single prime team?

Notice of Intent Published on April 30, 2020