Joliet Correctional

Project ID: 120-000-062
Project Location

Address: 1125 Collins Street,  Joliet, IL  (Will County)

Start Date: 1/23/2019 — End Date: 8/29/2021

Legistative Districts
  • Illinois House: 86
  • Illinois Senate: 43
  • US Congressional District: 


The new facility will provide an environment suitable for treatment and care of approximately 150 psychiatric patients and 50 general medical care patients under custody of the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC).  These two patient populations are intended to be housed in separate units within a single IDOC campus.  As this facility will include both male and female patients, they shall be housed in separate living units as well.  No living unit will house more than 24 offenders.  The expectation is to maximize natural light.  LEED Silver certification will be required, and additional energy efficiencies will be considered.  Major design features will include the following elements:

• Psychiatric care and treatment.

- Most patient rooms to be single occupancy.

- 20-25 psychiatric beds should be combination psyche/med beds.

- In-patient treatment for varying levels of acuity at all diagnostic levels.

- Primary emphasis on treatment, coupled with unobtrusive integration of security features commensurate with all security levels of offenders.

- Accommodate tiered step-down approach to treatment.


• General medical care and treatment.

- Most patient rooms to be single occupancy.

- Medical beds to be used for both short and long-term ambulatory care.

- Complex medical care patients.

- 4 isolation beds.

- Highly specialized and post-procedure recovery.

- Occupational and physical therapy.

- Chronic and acute illness treatment.

- Pharmacy.

- Hospice care.

- Outpatient space for same day services (orthopedics, ENT, oral surgery).

- Diagnostic services (X-ray, US, and CT).  MRI if possible.


Program analysis and schematic design will include the following major elements:

• Coordinate all administrative activities required by the Illinois Health Facilities Planning Act.

• Identify and document requirements for compliance with applicable codes, regulations, standards and agencies having oversight of design and construction.

• Map operational procedures which are dependent on facility design, as required to ensure compliance with accreditation bodies and agencies having oversight of healthcare delivery.

• Site analysis, assessment and development including integration with existing facilities.

• Utility infrastructure, pavements, rainwater management, site lighting.

• Comprehensive program analysis defining space requirements, functional relationship matrices, workflow concepts and patient module concepts.

• Establish medical equipment list commensurate with levels of care.

• Comprehensive list specifying general equipment, furnishings, and accessories.

• Schematic design for programmed functions.

• Establish site specific master plan for future growth or building modifications.

• Develop design standards for security/detention equipment, furnishings, electronics, fences, barriers, accessories, etc.  Include prohibited design features.

• Develop design concepts describing operational standards ensuring staff, patient, and visitor safety.


The following specialty requirements are anticipated to be included in the design:

• Self-contained dietary capable of preparing specific offender medical dietary needs, as well as staff meals.

• Self-contained laundry service commensurate with needs.

• Map operational procedures which minimize staffing.

• Integrate state-of-the-art information technology to enhance treatment, preserve patient dignity, streamline security, and reduce staffing.

The A/E will develop a comprehensive bridging document including all of the above elements in addition to all other miscellaneous criteria as required to provide clearly defined design guidance as a precursor for the follow-on design-build contract.

Project Information
  • Project Cost: $173,346,847.00
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  • Project Type: Building
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  • Project Design Architect: 
  • Construction Company: Hellmut, Obata & Kassabaum - A/E
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