Buy Illinois Program

The Capital Development Board has developed a three-part 'Buy Illinois' program. First, CDB has established a Directory of Illinois products that are used in the construction industry. To qualify as an Illinois product, the product must be manufactured, fabricated or assembled within the State of Illinois. The directory is in a pdf format and can be printed from personal computers. The directory supports the second element of the program; encouraging the design professionals to include these products in the project specifications. Where products are typically specified by a list of three manufacturers and their product names and model numbers, the designer should consider the inclusion of an Illinois manufacturer whenever possible. Illinois products will be indicated in the project manual with (IL) preceding the item in the specification paragraph. Instructions for the designersare available on this website along with the current version of specification section 01010 Project Summary for incorporation into the Project Manual.

The third element of the program is to encourage contractors to procure the Illinois products during the construction phase of the project and indicate them on the Contractors Schedule of Values. This is not a mandatory requirement nor will a preference be given in awarding contracts. The project bid documents will incorporate the 'Buy Illinois' program in Specification Section 01010 Project Summary, Para. 12.

If your firm has an Illinois product and would like to be included in the directory, please contact one of the individuals listed below.

Ray Boosinger
Architectural (217) 557-6140

Bob Oxley
Mechanical & Electrical (217) 558-5674