Consumer Product Safety Commission

The Capital Development Board (CDB) wants to bring to your attention an alert issued by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) regarding light poles manufactured by Whitco Co. LP of Fort Worth, Texas, which have cracked and fallen over. Click to read the notice and the suggested recommendations for inspection Given the serious risks to injury and death associated with this public alert, CDB is suggesting, as described by the CPSC, any facility that may have high mast/stadium light poles be inspected by a qualified professional to determine your exposure to this alert.

If it is determined you have any high mast/stadium light poles covered under this product alert, you should move to remediate the life safety situation as soon as possible. Initially, you should consult your procurement files to determine whether any warranties covering repairs are available, or if you have other rights that may enable you to obtain repairs or recover the costs of repairs. You may wish to consult counsel about your recovery rights. Also, CDB would ask that you inform us as to the number of the defective high mast/stadium light poles discovered in your review, whether warranties may cover repairs, and, if repairs appear to be necessary, are they being performed. This data may help in any possible legal action through the Attorney General. Again, we would suggest you consult with your attorney about your specific rights.