The Illinois Department of Central Management Services (CMS) consists of the following bureaus/programs:

Administrative Operations​​
Oversees the general management of the agency. The different areas of administrative management include but are not limited to the following: Director's Office, Legal Services, Governmental Affairs, Internal Audit, the Office of Finance and Management and the Vendor Payment Program.

Administrative Hearings​​
Implements Executive Order 17-06 by facilitating improved professional development, coordinating IT solutions for Statewide hearings units, gathering data, establishing best practices, promulgating uniform hearings regulations, coordinating inter-agency work share initiatives, and generally seeking to improve administrative justice in the State of Illinois.  The Bureau also conducts administrative hearings for agencies that do not employ their own administrative law judges – Illinois State Police, Office of the State Fire Marshal, Department of Agriculture, Department of Natural Resources, Illinois Emergency Management Agency, Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, and the Drycleaner Environmental Response Trust Fund.

Agency Services
Oversees the Division of Vehicles that maintains the state vehicle fleet. Oversees surplus property, including federal, state, and LESO.  Manages the state mail and messenger system. Oversees I-Cycle, the state’s recycling program. Manages statewide print operations.

Administers a Group Insurance Plan for state and local government employees, retirees, and dependents; as well as, retirees and dependents of community colleges and downstate public school districts.  Administers a Deferred Compensation Plan for state employees. Administers risk management programs for workers' compensation, auto liability, and representation and indemnification.

Business Enterprise Program
Promotes the economic development of businesses owned by members of minority groups, females, persons with disabilities and veterans by providing access and assistance in the procurement process for contracts from state agencies and universities.​​

Communication and Information
The Illinois Office of Communication and Information is the State's primary shared media services division providing editoral, graphic design, audio, radio and video production services to State agencies, boards, commissions and officeholders.  

Develops and administers the State's Personnel Code, Personnel Rules, Pay Plan, Position Classification Plan, current collective bargaining agreements and other applicable laws.  Recruits and counsels candidates for state employment. Develops and administers testing and selection instruments. Establishes and implements classification and compensation standards, employee and agency transactions, payroll certification, and administration of the Rutan Supreme Court decision.​​

Property Management
Manages and maintains many state owned buildings. Secures space by lease or purchase to meet agency needs. Coordinates the disposition of surplus real property.

Strategic Sourcing
Encourages joint purchasing by local governments off state contracts. Works collaboratively with the CPO in the sourcing of critical State needs. Encourages contracting for goods and services from qualified sheltered workshops. Provides meaningful employment opportunities for persons with disabilities and offers training opportunities for these individuals.