Permanent Art Collection

Recognizing the importance of art in the lives of Illinois citizens, Governor James R. Thompson, on August 3, 1977, signed into law Public Act 80-241. This Act created the "% for Art Program", which sets aside a 1/2 a percent of the total monies appropriated for construction of state-funded public buildings to be used for the purchase of art.

The purpose of the '% for Art Program' is to promote and support arts in our state; place artwork in accessible locations for the public during everyday activities; and humanize the architectural environment by enhancing state buildings and other areas occupied by visitors and employees.

The program also provides job opportunities for artists and is an ongoing documentation of contemporary art in Illinois.

Since July 1, 1978, the state has obtained more than 600 works of art, varying in size, shape, and medium, for 25 projects located throughout Illinois. The James R. Thompson Center has the largest single collection of contemporary Illinois art, with more than 150 displayed works, which exhibit the exceptional talents of our state's artists and restake Chicago's claim as the cultural hub of the Midwest.

Major Works of the Permanent Collection

(Listed in order from the southwest to southeast side of the building)

3rd Floor

Kathryn Paul, Little Grand Canyon, Illinois", B & W SilverPrint.
James Hawker, "A Small Project #2", Cibachrome.
Glen Hansen, "Lake Street Chicago", B & W Photo.
Don DuBroff, "Notre Dame Church", Dye Transfer Print.
Robert Donley, "Far Side of Town", Oil on Linen Canvas.
Barbara Factor, "Checkerboard Squares", Fiber.
Larry Page, "Cloud Cover Day", Porcelain.
Ruth Weiner, "4 Book Library", Porcelain.
Susan Graf Berkowitz, "Illusions", Ink and Ink Transfer.
Charles Swedlund, "Courthouse", Dye Transfer Print.

4th Floor

Patrick Rodriquez, "Sailor before the Storm", Crayon on Paper.
Harris Deller, Untitled, Porcelain.
Dennis Mitchell, "Firmament", Clay Raku.
Michael Johnson, "Storm Front, Lightning", Photograph.
Eleanor Spiess-Ferris, "Charties for Sally", Colored Pencil.
Ben Mahmoud, "Elemental Equation", Acrylic on Canvas.
Richard Bolton, "Urban Landscapes Series #2", Gibachrome.
Richard Bolton, "Urban Landscapes Series #1", Cibachrome.
James Winn, "Fields West of Town", Acrylic on Paper.
Willie L. Carter, "Blind Woman", China Marker Pencil.

5th Floor

Will Peterson, "A Matter of Aesthetics", Lithograph.
Doris Knoblock, Untitled, Ceramic.
Mike Baur, Untitled, Oak, Limestone, Concrete, Steel.

6th Floor

Edward McCullough, "Crossing #4-Study 1", Stainless Steel.
Thomas Walsh, "Eioken: 1.84", Cast Bronze.

7th Floor

Joel Bujnowski, "Fear and Loathing", Mixed.
Sherry Healy, "Dusk Fall IV", Handmade Paper.
Gary Edgren, "Ruby's Roost", Enamel on Masonite.

8th Floor

Ralph Arnold, "Deco 1", Etching.
Richard Loving, "Spring's Rush", Oil on Canvas.
Charles Boone, "Silver Platter", Acrylic on Canvas.

9th Floor

Marlene Short, "I'm Meeting My Daughter at Water TowerPlace, We'll Do a Little Shopping, Have a Little Lunch, and I'll be Home on the 1:45", Pastel.
Claire Prussian, "Florence", Colored Pencil.
Vera Klement, "Yellow Oracle", Encaustic on Canvas.
Laurel Spingola, "Helmut Jahn, Architect Series #1", Color Photo.
Bruce White, "Breezing Up", Painted Aluminum.
Joe Hindley, "Paradise Found", Watercolor.
John Knidsen, "A Working Day", Etching.
Will Northerner, "Cut the Corolla Zombie Guide, Put It in a Jar and Watch It Die", Acrylic on Canvas.

10th Floor

G. Jesse Sadia, Jr., "On the Fourth", Paper.
Richard Hull, Untitled, Crayon on Paper.
Bertrand Phillips, "Variegated Riff", Acrylic on Canvas.
Susan Sensemann, "Shiki-blue", Oil on Canvas.
Charlotte Roliman Shay, "Quadalupe Madonna", Acrylic on Canvas.

11th Floor

David Bower, "The Scholars Playthings", Acrylic on Wood.
Wesley Kimier, "The Bulls/Kilimanjaro", Oil on Canvas.
Hollis Sigiar, "She's Always Looking for Love", Painting.
Terrence Karpowitz, "Patching It Up", Oak, Maple, Marble.
Debra Bolgia, "Night Dreams", Print.

12th Floor

George Atkinson, "Snow South of Curran", Pastel.
Mati Maldre, "Aquarium Series No. 41-4", Cibachrome.
Owen McHugh, "And Then Again", Acrylic on Canvas.
William Conger, "Militant State", Oil on Canvas.

13th Floor

Robert Lee Meyer, "Fantasy Landscape", Acrylic on Canvas.
Ray Yoshida, "Oblique and Oblivious", Painting.

14th Floor

Barbra Aubin, "Personal of Barbs and Barbarisms", Mixed.
Char Wiss, "Coiled Basket", Fiber.
Robert McCauley, "Last Dance", Oil Pastel Graphite on Paper.

15th Floor

Margaret Wharton, "Stole", Sculpture.
Robert Middaugh, "Explanations", Acrylic on Canvas.
Dann Nardi, "Between the Two", Cast Concrete and Steel.
Emerson E. Williams, "Grand Mosque", Dye Transfer.
Ellen Roth Deutsch, "Beach People", Cast Paper.
Richard Bolton, "Urban Landscape #3", Cibachrome.
Lynn Sloan Theodore, Untitled, Cibachrome.
Cheri Eisenberg, Untitled, B & W Photo.
Karen Glasser, "Girl with Hand", B & W Photo.
Bob Thall, "Chicago 1983", Silver Print.
Algimantas Kezys, "Art Institute of Chicago", Photography.
Alice Lauffer, "Garden Phantasy 1", Acrylic on Canvas.

16th Floor

Ken Holder, "Into the Canyon", Acrylic on Canvas.

Due to the loan and maintenance of select works, the above listing may be subject to change.