WomenIn: Public Safety Part 1 - Speaker Bio

Kajanda Love

Kajanda LoveI received my bachelor’s degree from Chaminade University, Honolulu, HI and my Master’s Degree from North Central College. I worked as a Flight Attendant for Continental Airlines before being drawn to a career in Law Enforcement. I started my career as a Corrections Officer with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department in California. I moved back to Illinois and began working for the DuPage County Forest Preserve as a Police Officer for 10 years. When I graduated from North Central with my Master’s Degree I decided to take on a leadership role with Union Pacific Railroad as a Transportation Operations Manager. Thereafter I decided to move back into a career of Public Service with the State of Illinois working with a variety of agencies, Department of Human Services as a Human Services Caseworker, I went on to pursue a role as a Medical Investigator with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations and decided to take on the role of Operational Excellence Manager with the Office of Rapid Results. As I worked on Continuous Improvement Projects with the Illinois State Police and the Illinois Department of Corrections, I started to miss the part of public service that truly impacts those most vulnerable people. I decided to move back into Law Enforcement accepting a position as an Assistant Warden with the Illinois Department of Corrections at Logan Correctional Facility, an all-female facility with an all-female administrative leadership team. I have come full circle. I started my career in Corrections and now I’m in a leadership role in Corrections with the ability to influence and change the lives of those people that society wants to forget.