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State Employees Group Insurance Program 


There are several website links below that contain information for plan participants enrolled in the State Employees Group Insurance Program. For example, members can view information regarding the health, pharmacy, dental, vision and life insurance benefits by clicking on the Benefit Plans link. Members can view the Benefits Handbook, as well as the Benefit Choice Booklet for the current plan year by clicking on the appropriate link under Benefit Program Books. A list of current plan administrators for each benefit plan, as well as the contact information for the Group Insurance Division, is located under the Contact Information link. All benefit forms are listed under the Forms link and are grouped by benefit type. All optional benefit programs are listed under either the Optional Pretax Programs link or the Other Programs link. Rates for the current plan year are available under the Rates and Calculators link. Please scroll down to view a list of all available website links.


  • A website has been created which contains information regarding the Kanerva Health Insurance Refund class action, including case filings, notices, important dates and more.  Additionally, the website includes information on who to contact with any questions or to obtain additional information relating to the Kanerva case. 02/03/15
  • The Supreme Court of Illinois has issued a ruling in the Kanerva vs Weems court case regarding retiree health insurance premiums.  We are aware that many people have questions about the impact this will have on current retirees.  CMS is currently reviewing the ruling and will have more information at a later time.  07/03/14
  • Effective July 1, 2014, the Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) program will be administered by ConnectYourCare (CYC).   06/30/14
  • In anticipation for the FY2015 Benefit Choice Period, several Benefit Fairs have been scheduled at various locations throughout the state.  These fairs are open to all active and retired members.  Representatives from the State-sponsored vendors will be present at each fair to address any questions or concerns you may have.  Please note: Although the fairs are open to retirees, because the TRAIL open enrollment period is in the fall, these fairs will not be attended by the TRAIL vendors.  04/24/14
  • The new TRAIL website has been launched and contains important information for retired members who are enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B. Medicare primary members should use the new website at to review information about these plans and the enrollment period as new information will be posted to that site as it comes available.  11/04/13
  • Notice Regarding QCHP and QCDP Claim Payment Delay. Updated Daily.

Archived Notices

Retiree Health Insurance Premiums Class Action Lawsuit Information

In connection with pending lawsuits in which the court has certified a class of plaintiffs, CMS will by February 9, 2105 mail to all University of Illinois Cooperative Extension Retirees, any State Retiree currently being billed by CMS, and State Retirees who have returned to an active employment status who are participating in the program of health insurance benefits under the State Employees Group Insurance Act of 1071 a special notice advising them of their right (1) to opt-out of the class (in which event they will not receive any refund of the disputed premiums withheld from their annuities as part of the case, and are not guaranteed to receive any refund of those premiums); (2) for persons who do not opt-out, to object to the class attorneys' request for fees to be deducted from all refunds paid as part of the case; or (3) to do neither of these things and remain a member of the class entitled to a net refund of premiums as part of the case without submitting any objection to the class attorneys' fee request.  The notice may also be found here.

At-a-Glance Benefits and Rates

  • FY2015 - Effective July 1, 2014
  • FY2014 - Effective July 1, 2013

Benefit Plans

The State offers several health plan options that include prescription benefits. Other benefits included in the benefit plans are vision, dental, life insurance coverage and behavioral health coverage. Outside the Benefit Choice enrollment period, members may change coverage elections only when a qualifying change in status occurs.

Benefit Program Books

All available benefit plans and programs are explained in detail in the Member Handbook and Benefit Choice Options Booklet.  Also included are amendments that update the handbook and a summary document indicating the benefit levels of the Quality Care Health Plan (QCHP).

Benefit Statements

Benefit Statements

Members of the State of Illinois Group Insurance Program may now view their group insurance benefits information online. Online statements are updated the first Saturday of each month.  The benefit information reflected is as of the first of the month.


Information regarding continuation of coverage.

Contact Information

Whenever questions arise, plan participants have various resources they can use.  On the Contact Information page, members may view the phone number for the Group Insurance Division, a listing of agency/university group insurance representatives as well as links for all of the state insurance plan administrator websites.

Changing Your Coverage

Coverage elected during the annual Benefit Choice Period remains in effect throughout the entire plan year, unless the Member experiences a Qualifying Change in Status or a special enrollment event which would allow them to change their coverage elections.

Dependent Coverage

Coverage is available for eligible dependents, including spouses, children and unrelated same-sex domestic partners.

Enroll after Opting Out or Waiving Coverage

Members not currently enrolled in the health, dental, vision and prescription coverage offered by the State due to waiving or opting out may enroll in the Program during the annual Benefit Choice Period or upon experiencing a qualifying change in status.


Members can view all group insurance forms.

Leaves of Absence

Employees who either go on or return from a leave of absence have certain rights and responsibilities regarding their insurance coverage. Employees should read the documents regarding leaves of absence in order to be aware of those rights and responsibilities and to prevent unwanted termination of coverage. E-Pay

Members on a leave of absence may pay for their group insurance preimums electronically by using E-Pay. E-Pay is a system developed by CMS Group Insurance and the Illinois Treasurer's Office to provide a quick and convenient way for members of the State Employees Group Insurance Program to pay group insurance premiums online.


Information regarding Medicare and how it affects your group insurance coverage.


The State is required to provide certain federal notices regarding their privacy and insurance coverage.

Opt Out/Waiver of Coverage

The State allows for employee, annuitants and survivors who meet certain criteria to opt out or waive coverage.

Optional Pretax Programs

The State offers three programs which save employees valuable tax dollars.

Other Programs

In addition to the insurance coverage and pretax programs the State offers, employees are offered additional benefits when adopting a child, when needing support and information during difficult times, when participating in an approved smoking cessation or weight loss program.

Plan Administrators

Members may view contact information, including phone numbers and addresses, for all plan administrators via these links.

Rates and Calculators

Members can view health, dental and life coverage rates, as well as Quality Care Health Plan deductibles and family caps. Members interested in adding a non-IRS domestic partner, civil union partner, child of a civil union partner or an adult veteran child can view the premiums and imputed income associated with those types of dependent coverage. Full-time employees can calculate the applicable contributions for coverage.

Wellness Program - Get HIP!

The State offers many valuable wellness programs to help keep our members healthy and help our members get healthier. The goal is for all State members to lead better, more satisfying lives. This Wellness Chart lists many of the wellness benefits currently available to members through their health plans, most free of charge.