The Governor’s Travel Control Board is pleased to announce the State of Illinois’ contract with Zipcar, the world’s largest car sharing service.

Zipcar offers self-service, on demand cars to state employees by the hour. Zipcars are parked all over Chicago and Springfield and are the perfect solution when a car is needed for a couple of hours for official State of Illinois Business.

There is no membership fee for State of Illinois Employees to become a member of Zipcar. The hourly rate is $6.00 per hour. Insurance and gasoline are included (up to 180 miles).

To become a member of Zipcar, apply online at and select your department. Be sure to fill out the entire application. You will need to have your Driver’s License information. Be sure to select that you would like your card mailed when you apply. Your card will be sent to your agency Travel Coordinator, who will then provide it to you. After you have received your approval email and received your Zipcard, you will be required to activate your card at

Instructions for reserving Zipcars are available at or by calling customer service at 866-4ZIPCAR.

Personal Use documentation (PDF)

Section 3000.310 a) states “All travel shall be by the most economical mode of transportation available considering travel time, costs, and work requirements.” Please refer to your agency travel policy before making reservations.