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Tips to a Successful Project 


Before handing in a project to IOCI Design and Publications
Before handing in your project, make sure you’ve taken all of the steps listed below.

  • Make sure your publication is in final form. Complete all writing before turning the project over to a designer. This will save you a lot of time!
  • It is easiest if you submit your work in a Word format. There’s no need to use different fonts, typefaces or colors. Your professional designer will do that and will know what’s best and ensure that it meets State of Illinois Branding Guidelines.
  • Run spell-check one last time before turning it in.
  • If you have specific suggestions for colors, photographs or layout, make sure you tell your designer upfront.

Tips for writing
Before handing your project over to one of our professional designers, follow a few simple tips to ensure your publication will be read and understood by others.

  • Have a clear set of objectives in mind before beginning work on your publication. Write down what you want the reader to do or to know after they look at your publication.
  • Know your audience. Who will be reading your publication? Keep the audience in mind when you write.
  • For many people, the hardest part of writing is getting started. Most writers have certain things they do to get ready to begin the process. They sit in a comfortable chair, use a favorite pen, or put on certain music. If you are having a hard time starting the process, get comfortable and rearrange your surroundings. It may help jump start the process for you!
  • Think of your reader’s questions before you write. Then make sure you answer them as simply as possible. Ask yourself who, what, when, where, how and why.
  • Adopt a plain writing style. Don’t use run-on sentences, big words or long paragraphs. Write in short sentences and paragraphs.
  • Don’t use abbreviations, jargon or words that only professionals in your field would know.
  • Keep it simple! Delete any words, sentences or phrases that don’t add meaning to your publication.
  • Don’t hide the main point of your publication in text. With brochures, web pages and other publications, many readers will only scan the document. They should still be able to grasp your main point by glancing through the publication.
  • After you have finished writing your publication, read it aloud. Trust what you hear. If it seems too long or impersonal, re-write it.
  • Run spell-checker one last time before giving it to your designer. They’ll appreciate your attentiveness to detail and it will make the whole process go much quicker.
  • When you give your designer the text for your publication, make sure it is in final form. This will save time in completion of your document.