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Press Summary

The Press Summary is a daily news clip service that includes news articles, from 30 major daily newspapers. Subscriptions to the Press Summary are available to all branches of state government.

Please contact us to subscribe.

News Release Distribution

Editorial Services processes and distributes news releases to the news media and other special interest groups on behalf of state government agencies, boards, and commissions. Please contact us for more information.

State Newspaper

For all State Agencies, Elected Officials, Boards and Commissions whose requirements are procured through Central Management Services, effective September 15, 2015, the Breeze Courier published by Breeze Printing Co. has been selected the "Official State Newspaper" through September 14, 2020.

The Breeze Courier is published six (6) days a week. Saturday is the only day not published.

Copy and billing for advertisement will be direct between the agency and the Breeze Printing Co.


  • $.20 – per line per insertion
  • $96.40 – annual subscription

In most cases, copy must be received by mail three (3) days before the first insertion date. In emergency cases, copy for such advertisements may be placed by fax machine, or e-mail and must be received by 10 a.m. prior to the day of the first insertion. The State Agency transmitting the fax must call the Breeze Printing Co. immediately at 217-824-2233 to verify receipt of the transmission.

Note: Advertisements should be telefaxed to the Breeze Printing Co. only in emergency cases.

State Newspaper Contact Information

Breeze Printing Co.
Marylee Razar
Subscriptions: 217-824-2233
E-mail Subscriptions
Legal Notices Department Telefax: 217-824-2026
E-mail Legal Notices Department