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CMS State Surplus Electronics Receiving and Processing Procedure

Until further notice, most excess/surplus electronics (except cell phones) will be sent from your agency, directly to CMS authorized electronics recycling vendors identified below. In certain instances, electronic items (with CMS approval) may be received at the State Surplus warehouse, 1924 S. 10 ½ Street, Springfield, and 9511 West Harrison St, DesPlaines, IL. Receiving will be by appointment only.

Electronics Recycling/Data Wipe Policy Memo

Four Step Procedure to Surplus Electronics

  1. Decide what to send to surplus

    We ask that you separate electronics from other surplus.

    Electronics are defined as:

    1. PCs and other devices containing data storage.                                 
      1. Copiers
      2. Tablets and PDA Devices                                             
      3. Network servers and desktop computers of all types
      4. Data storage tapes and devices
      5. Cell Phones (ALL cell phones, PDAs, iPads, iPhones, etc., must be delivered to Springfield warehouse for disposal unless returned to issuing vendor.)
    2. Monitors
    3. Network based printers
    4. Switching devices
    5. Misc scrap including wires, electronics cabinets, etc
  2. Enter your items online

    All items must be recorded in the State Surplus online surplus inventory system (Assetworks) prior to scheduling a surplus delivery.
    To create an online transfer request browse to:

    For online system training, please contact Kent Guthrie.

    HELP us Identify Good Equipment!

    By Administrative Rule, CMS provides electronics to other state agencies (priority) as well as local governments, schools, and other non-profit groups. CMS relies on you to accurately describe your items. Please try to be as descriptive as possible.

    Description: Tower PC (this does not help)
    Description: PC HP DC5800 (this helps a great deal)

  3. Contact CMS

    You must contact CMS for an appointment for delivery to the state’s recycling vendors or the state warehouse--but only after you have completed the online Transfer Request.

  4. Deliver to CMS or authorized recycling vendor

    Most deliveries will be sent directly to one of the electronics scrap vendors. In some cases, CMS may ask you to deliver to the state warehouse. Deliveries are not considered or coded “received” until the recycler verifies the contents of the delivery against the listing on the Transfer Order form. After this verification, the transfer forms will be signed and faxed or emailed to the property officer.

Data Storage Devices - Data Wiping Data Destruction Procedures

Please note: With exception of state universities, all state entities are required to comply with Illinois Public Act 93-0306 and Public Act 97-0390. These “Acts” compel state agencies to create their own data wiping policies in accordance with the acts. P.A. 97-0390 provides that agencies shall perform data wiping with a minimum of three (3) passes and certify the process.

Data wiping must be done before a PC or other data collection devices are transferred, donated, or otherwise leaves custody of the original agency.

After your electronics items are delivered to Surplus, they will be processed as follows:

  1. PCs that meet the minimum specification as defined by CMS BCCS may be data wiped again. If this wipe is successful and the PC is deemed functional, it may have reuse potential by other State of Illinois agencies. Ultimately, PCs that are not reused by agencies are sold to local municipalities or at public auction.
  2. Older technology PCs, broken PCs, and PCs that do not successfully perform the data wipe are recycled as scrap.
  3. CMS’ authorized electronics recycling vendors will data wipe or de-manufacture and destroy the data storage devices that they receive. The vendors may, upon request, provide documentation of this data wiping or destruction as outlined in their contracts and Public Act 93-0306, Public Act 97-0390, and Public Act 96-0045. If you desire documentation of destruction, you must arrange for this in advance with the recycling vendor.

Broken or older processors, copiers, external drives, etc., should be sent to recycler for destruction. All data collection devices will be destroyed or wiped (3x) in accordance with P.A. 93-0306

CMS Property Control will ensure vendors’ compliance with all Public Acts, Federal and State environmental disposal processes. Reusable items will be wiped for reuse and obsolete items will be destroyed.

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