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CMS State Surplus Electronics Receiving and Processing Procedure

Until further notice, all excess / surplus electronics will be received at the Illinois State Armory, 111 East Monroe Street, Springfield, and 9511 West Harrison St., Des Plaines, IL – Receiving will be by appointment only. The general electronics disposal process is as folllows:

Electronics will be received at the Armory / Des Plaines

All items are then sorted into several major categories. It would be helpful if these like items could be packaged together.

  • PCs and other devices containing data storage.
    • Copiers
    • Cell phones
    • Apple and Intel based PCs
    • Servers of all types
    • PDA devices
    • (Internal & External) Data storage tapes and devices
  • CRT Monitors
  • Network based printers
  • Switching devices
  • Miscellaneous scrap including wires, electronics cabinets, etc.

Items are sorted based on type and condition

When packing of your items for delivery, it is critical to clearly identify broken electronics. If you know that something is broken, please use a permanent marker and write "bad" across the item. This will greatly reduce our processing time.

  • Broken or obsolete electronics (CRT Monitors, inkjet printers, etc.) will be packed and sent to recyclers with no evaluation performed.
  • Items that have some reuse or resale value will be evaluated and packed for reuse by state agencies or resale according to property control guidelines.

All items with data storage capability will be processed individually

PCs and Macs will be processed as follows:

  • P4 and newer PCs are data wiped with White Canyon, Wipedrive, 10 pass wipe. If this wipe is successful, the PC is deemed functional, and is sent out for re-use by State of Illinois agencies. Ultimately, PCs that are not re-used are sold to local municipalities or at our public auction.
  • P3 PCs, older technology PCs, broken PCs, and PCs that do not successfully perform the data wipe are handled differently. We remove hard drives from these machines and send the remainder of the PC to our electronics recyclers as scrap. All removed hard drives are currently stored, in a secure room in the Armory / Des Plaines, pending certified destruction by our electronics recycler.

Older processors, copiers, external drives, etc., will have hard drives removed and sent to recycler for destruction. All data collection devices will be wiped (10x) in accordance with P.A. 93-0306 using Wipedrive PRO ( CMS Property Control will ensure compliance with all Public Acts, Federal and State environmental disposal processes. Reusable items will be wiped and obselete items will be destroyed.

Effective Date: 11/01/2010

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