State Use Meeting Minutes - December 5, 2017

December 5, 2017 Meeting Minutes

  1. Call to Order

    After some difficulty with the video-conferencing equipment, the meeting was called to order by Chairman Rutter at 1:10 p.m.

  2. Roll Call

    Chairman Rutter conducted roll call.

    The following members were present: (see attached sign-in sheet)

    • Tracy Rutter, Stratton Springfield
      Christine Dickey, Stratton Springfield
      Richard W. Gloede, Stratton Springfield
      George Indelli, JRTC Chicago
      Dan Strick, JRTC Chicago

    Others present:

    • Mindy Reynolds, CMS/BOSS
      Jenessa Conner, COP-HE
      Matt Von Behren, PPB
      Robert Johnson, Bridgeway
      Vernell Hammons, UI Chicago

    Chairman Rutter announced that there was a quorum present.

  3. Approval of the September 13, 2017 Meeting Minutes

    Chairman Rutter confirmed the members had reviewed the September 13, 2017 meeting minutes and there were no proposed changes.

    Chairman Rutter called for a motion to approve the Minutes. Motion to approve was made by Member Dickey, seconded by Member Gloede. All members unanimously approved the Minutes.

  4. Review of and Vote on Proposed Contracts

    Chairman Rutter asked the Committee if all had a chance to review the list of contracts and request letters to be voted on today. All Committee members affirmed they had. Chairman Rutter read aloud the contracts for vote, asked if there were questions, and requested a vote for each contract. All contracts were approved.

  5. New Business

    Chairman Rutter opened discussion on three-year plan ideas and recommendations. Chairman Rutter explained that measurable items are needed to move forward so success can be determined. A lengthy discussion was held on Employment First and integrated work sites. Another discussion followed on the need to further inform the Procurement Policy Board on the State Use Program’s function; as well as, how contracts are reviewed, and the many variations of costs associated with State Use contracts including but not limited to: transportation, who is doing the work, wages paid, and hours needed to complete tasks. Chairman Rutter summarized new three-year annual goals could include number of clients, number of contracts, integrated work site information, and a survey of hourly wages.

  6. Public / Vendor Comments

    Chairman Rutter announced she will be leaving CMS at the end of the month and this will be her last State Use meeting. She is taking a new position at the Department of Revenue.

  7. Future Meeting Dates

    Next meeting is scheduled for March 14, 2018 at 1:00 p.m.

  8. Adjournment

    Tracy Rutter called for a motion to adjourn. Motion to adjourn was made by Member Gloede, seconded by Member Dickey. Members unanimously approved the motion to adjourn.

    Chairman Rutter announced the motion to adjourn was approved and adjourned the meeting at 1:52 p.m.