State Use Meeting Minutes - October 27, 2015

October 27, 2015 Meeting Minutes

  1. Call to Order

    Chairman Tracy Rutter introduced herself as the new Chairman; she stated that Mitzi Loftus is leaving CMS as of November 13th and going to work in the private sector. Chairman Rutter gave a brief background of her experience in state government; she started with CMS in April, 2015 as Chief Operations Officer and works directly with Corrie Smith and Brynn Henderson, prior to that she worked with the State Treasurers Office in procurement for 15 years; she also worked with the Department of Transportation in procurement.

  2. Roll Call

    Brynn Henderson conducted roll call.

    The following members were present: (see attached sign-in sheet)

    Tracy Rutter: Stratton, Springfield
    Richard W. Gloede: Stratton, Springfield
    Chris Dickey: Stratton, Springfield
    Khari Hunt: Stratton, Chicago

    Chairman Rutter announced that there was a quorum present.

  3. Approval of the June 17. 2015 Meeting Minutes

    Chairman Rutter asked the Committee if everyone had a chance to review the minutes of the August 19, 2015 meeting.

    Motion to Approve: Member Gloede
    Second: Member Dickey

    Tally of Votes: Members unanimously approved the minutes as presented.

  4. Review of and Vote on Proposed Contracts

    Chairman Rutter asked the Committee if everyone had a chance to review the list of contracts that are to be voted today.

    The Committee stated they did.

    Corrie Smith read aloud the contracts for vote (see attached vote sheet).

    Chairman Rutter had concerns regarding the call center contract with the Chicago Lighthouse due to such a large dollar amount. She asked the representative from the Chicago Lighthouse to provide some insight whether they will be able to fulfill such a large contract.

    Dr. Janet Szlyk from the Chicago Lighthouse stated that they started this contract in August of 2014, in one year it has grown from 12,000 to 58,000 calls per month, they will be receiving an additional 13 clinics adding ophthalmology clinics. An additional 50% employees of disabled, blind and veterans will be added, going from 102 employees to 125.

    Kathy Stoeberl from the Chicago Lighthouse added that it has been a very positive experience working with everyone; she stated that she works directly with the clinic directors to make sure that the call transfers, hold time and that each call goes to the correct party. She also stated that they have received an increase in patient compliments from UI Health.

    Member Hunt asked if they pay hourly rate.

    Kathy Stoeberl stated that there is a range, it depends on the experience the employee has.

    Chairman Rutter stated that on their contract it states that they use 9% subcontractors and asked if there was a bidding process and how they were chosen.

    Dr. Janet Szlyk explained that they did use a bidding process and chose the vendor with the best price, most experience and was able to work the night shift.

    Kathy Stoeberl also added that the other reason they chose this vendor is because this vendor is very diligent about HIPAA violations, and they are very secure and follow the laws. They are very familiar working with doctors and also have a mobile app that alerts the doctors that they have a message, if it is not opened by the doctors it will continue to beep until the doctor opens it. Talamed was also chosen for their professionalism.

    Chairman Rutter also asked what their thoughts were on using the existing contract and doing an amendment over a new contract.

    Debra Matlock from the University of Illinois stated that they proposed an amendment on the existing contract of 1.8 million dollars for 3 years; they requested an approval for a substantial increase of 17 million dollars over the next three years. She explained that they looked at outsourcing for 4 clinics, that service had grown to 13 clinics to 38 locations, more patient services, handling inbound calls, physician paging and referral consolidation, how their calls are handled, this will expand to 3 or 4 more clinics over the next year answering call referrals, doctor paging, financial verification and referrals. The amendment was because they had a contract in place, if the Committee would like this as a new stand-alone contract, they can do that. Chicago Lighthouse is a fully vetted, customer care center, we have been to the Chicago Lighthouse and we are confident with them, the majority of the contract is done on the second floor at UIC. We are trying to centralize with the Chicago Lighthouse, they have demonstrated that they can handle it; this is a very impressive operation.

    Chairman Rutter thanked them for the answers and would like to take a vote on this contract as a “new” contract.

    Member Gloede asked what the overhead was of the administration.

    Terry Longo from the Chicago Lighthouse stated that they employ over 615 employees and they have about 10,000 square feet with more expansion dedicated to this contract if needed for IT, HR and senior management.

    Dr. Janet Szlyk stated that they pay above minimum wage starting at $10.50 per hour for 3 months, after that the rate goes up to $13.00 to $15.00 per hour with full benefits. We see ourselves as fair employers.

    Chairman Rutter asked Corrie Smith to continue reading the contracts.

    After the reading of the contract for Developmental Service Center, Chairman Rutter stated that there was a representative from Correctional Industries and if any of the members had questions or concerns they could address them.

    The members had no questions.

    Chairman Rutter stated that the contract for paper products will not be voted on today due to it not being ready for the Committee and asked the members to strike that off the vote sheet.

    Chairman Rutter stated that these contracts gave 106 job opportunities and a total contract value of $45,828,200.00.

    After the reading of each contract, Chairman Rutter asked if there were any questions from a member or a public member regarding any contract.

    Motion to approve: Member Gloede
    Second: Member Dickey

    Tally of Votes: The contracts were approved

  5. New Business

    There was no new business.

  6. Public /Vendor Comments

    Gus Van Der Brink from Sertoma Centre stated that since there is no state budget and they have substantial amount of contracts with the state, it can become a burden for Sertoma and other workshops, they have three months of receivables; he asked if there is anyone this information could be passed, to he would appreciate it.

    Chairman Rutter asked Gus to send her an email describing his request and she will forward it to a newly created “SWAT” team that works with the vendor payment program spearheaded by Assistant Director Kim McCullough-Starks. Chairman Rutter also stated that she appreciates Seroma’s willingness to work with the state during this difficult time.

  7. Future Meeting Date

    Chairman Rutter stated that another meeting will be required before the end of the year and Corrie Smith will send out an email with a suggested date.

    Other future meeting dates:

    February 17, 2016
    May 11, 2016

  8. Adjournment

    Chairman Rutter called for motion to adjourn.

    Motion to Approve: Member Gloede
    Second: Member Dickey

    Tally of Votes: Members unanimously approved the motion to adjourn.

    Chairman Rutter announced the motion to adjourn was approved and adjourned the meeting at 1:45 p.m.