State Use Meeting Minutes - August 19, 2015

August 19, 2015 Meeting Minutes

  1. Call to Order

    Chairman Loftus called the meeting to order at 1:35 P.M.

  2. Roll Call

    Brynn Henderson conducted roll call.

    The following members were present: (see attached sign-in sheet)

    Mitzi Loftus: Stratton Springfield
    Richard W. Gloede: Stratton Springfield
    Dan Strick: JRTC Chicago
    Chris Dickey: Stratton Springfield
    Wm. Strahley: Stratton Springfield

    Chairman Loftus announced that there was a quorum present.

  3. Approval of the June 17. 2015 Meeting Minutes

    Chairman Loftus asked the Committee if everyone had a chance to review the minutes of the June 17, 2015 meeting.

    Motion to Approve: Member Dickey
    Second: Member Gloede

    Tally of Votes: Members unanimously approved the minutes as presented.

  4. Review of and Vote on Proposed Contracts

    Chairman Loftus asked the Committee if everyone had a chance to review the list of contracts that are to be voted today.

    The Committee stated they did.

    Corrie Smith read aloud the contracts for vote (see attached vote sheet).

    Chairman Loftus stated that these contracts gave 74 job opportunities and a total contract value of $4,660,796.35.

    After the reading of each contract, Chairman Loftus asked if there were any questions from a member or a public member regarding any contract.

    Member Strick asked if the janitorial amendments were requested by the workshops or randomly given. Scott Jason from Property Management answered that it was based on request.

    After voting on each contract individually, Chairman Loftus called for a motion to approve the list of contracts read aloud by Corrie Smith.

    Motion to approve: Member Dickey
    Second: Member Gloede

    Tally of Votes: The contracts were approved

  5. New Business

    Chairman Loftus introduced the new Chief Procurement Officer for General Services, Ellen Daley. CPO Ellen Daley stated that she is looking forward to working together and that her plan is to streamline procurement in a timely and legal matter.

    There was discussion about Employment First, possibly adding a question to the survey regarding integrated setting.

    Chairman Loftus announced that Member McCrimon stepped down from the Committee; there are now two open seats.

  6. Public /Vendor Comments

    No comments by Public or Vendors.

  7. Future Meeting Date

    Chairman Loftus stated that the next meeting is scheduled for November 18, 2015 at 1:30.

  8. Adjournment

    Chairman Loftus called for motion to adjourn.

    Motion to Approve: Member Gloede
    Second: Member Dickey

    Tally of Votes: Members unanimously approved the motion to adjourn.

    Chairman Loftus announced the motion to adjourn was approved and adjourned the meeting at 2:08 P.M.