CIP Prescription Plan

Plan participants enrolled in any CIP health plan have prescription drug benefits included in the coverage. All prescription medications are compiled on a preferred drug list ("formulary list") maintained by each health plan's prescription benefit manager (PBM). Formulary lists categorize drugs in four levels: generic, preferred brand, nonpreferred brand and specialty. Each level has a different copayment amount. Coverage for specific drugs may vary depending upon the health plan. It is important to note that formulary lists are subject to change any time during the plan year. To compare formulary lists, cost-savings programs and to obtain a list of pharmacies that participate in the various health plan networks, plan participants should visit the website of each health plan they are considering.

Plan participants who have additional prescription drug coverage, including Medicare, should contact their plan’s PBM for coordination of benefits (COB) information.

Plan participants enrolled in HealthLink OAP, Aetna OAP or the College Choice Health Plan (CCHP), have CVS/caremark as their PBM.

Under the Affordable Care Act, Food and Drug Administration-approved contraceptive methods, sterilization procedures, and patient education and counseling, not including abortifacient drugs, will be covered by the plan without cost-sharing requirements.


Below are the copayments for FY19 & FY20
​Formulary Category(30-day supply)CCHPHMO & OAP​
​Preferred Brand​$25.00​$24.00
Non-Preferred Brand​​$50.00​$48.00



Last Updated 04/30/2019