State of Illinois Deferred Compensation Plan Forms and Newsletters

State of Illinois Deferred Compensation Plan (“Plan”) Forms

Download any State of Illinois Deferred Compensation Plan form now using Acrobat Reader. These forms allow data to be typed into the form and saved.

Direct Rollover Form

This form is used by current participants to roll over their entire accelerated pension benefit payment (COLA Buyout) from the State Employees’ Retirement System (SERS) to their Plan account.

Lump Sum Deferral Form

Permissive Service Credit Authorization

This form is used to purchase service time from the State Retirement System or one of their reciprocal retirement systems in Illinois using money from your Plan account. These forms are processed once a month by the Plan and must be accepted by the Department in good order by the 15th of the month in order to pay any money due by the end of that month.  The funds are generally withdrawn from the participant’s account on the 20th to ensure payment to the retirement system by the end of that month.

State of Illinois Deferred Compensation Plan Newsletter

Download the State of Illinois Deferred Compensation Plan newsletter now using Acrobat Reader.


2nd Quarter 2022 Newsletter

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