Commuter Savings Program (CSP) 2016 Pretax Maximums Increased

The 2016 Commuter Savings Program (CSP) pretax maximum amount for bus, train and vanpooling expenses incurred for work-related commuting costs has increased from $130 to $255 per month effective immediately for the February 2016 benefit month.


What do participants need to do?

There is no need for participants to make adjustments to orders or cancel credit cards on file with Commuter Check Direct (CCD).  Credit cards will now be used only if the monthly transit order is greater than $255.  If a participant had previously limited their order to the previous maximum limit and plan on taking advantage of the increased pretax limits, they may need to adjust their transit elections.  Participants should visit the CCD website at before the February benefit cut-off date of January 10, 2016, if they would like to review and adjust their order.
If participants have any questions about the pretax increase or about their current transit order they should contact the Commuter Benefits Customer Service team at 888-235-9223 or the Optional Pretax Unit at the Department of Central Management Services at (217) 558-4509.
Updated 01/07/2016