Flu Shot Info - Fall 2019

Flu ShotFree Seasonal Flu Shots for State Employees and Retirees

Beginning each September, the Department of Central Management Services provides free seasonal flu immunizations to State of Illinois employees, retirees and survivors enrolled in either the Quality Care Health Plan (QCHP), a State-sponsored managed care plan or one of the State-sponsored Medicare Advantage plans.

To Receive the Seasonal Vaccination at No Charge

  • Each employee must present his/her state health insurance card and his/her State ID card.
  • Each retiree must present his/her state health insurance card and another form of ID.

NOTE: The following are NOT eligible for the free flu shot: dependents, spouses, contractual workers, consultants and students. Additionally, employees who have opted out of health insurance coverage through the state are NOT eligible for the free flu shot through this program.

Flu Shots Will Be Available at Multiple Locations

The Flu shot program has completed for this year. Please check back in Fall 2020 for next year's flu shot info.

Dates and times are subject to change, so check the schedule periodically.
In addition, many county health departments have partnered with the State to provide flu shots at no charge to eligible State of Illinois employees and retirees. Individuals interested in obtaining a flu shot from a health department should contact the appropriate county health department directly to learn the dates and times the shots are scheduled to be administered.


Last Updated 11/15/2019