Flu Shot Info - Fall 2021

Flu Shot

It is More Important Than Ever
to Get the Flu Shot


Attention ALL State Employees & Retirees:


Be Well Illinois, CMS, and its health partners, enthusiastically encourage you and your covered dependents to get your flu shot this year, as it is more important than ever to do so.                                                                                                                     
As flu season is once again upon us, and with many COVID protocols still in place, the access to flu shots for State Employees and Retirees may be a little different in your area than in the past.  However, there are many options available to employees and retirees to get their flu shots.  Below are schedules for on-site clinics in Springfield and the surrounding area as well as a limited schedule elsewhere.

Check back in September 2022 for updated locations sites and dates.

For many outside the Springfield and Chicago area: your best option may be your local health department* or contact your health plan to locate where you can get your free flu shot.
 *Please contact your local health department for times and availability

It is also important to note that you can get a flu shot at your Dr.'s office and most pharmacies will bill your insurance.  Please contact your health plan administrator for details about this option.



Please bring your state health insurance card and State ID card.
For more information visit

Flu shots are safe and effective in the fight against influenza. State Employees and Retirees are eligible to receive the flu shot at no charge at our upcoming flu shot clinic as well as through your doctor, local health department, or pharmacy.



Last Updated 09/28/2021