State Employee Claim Payment Update

QCHP Aetna, HealthLink OAP, Aetna OAP & QCDP (Delta Dental) Claim Payment Delay

Thanks to a large bond issued by the State of Illinois in November 2017, CMS was able to fund group health insurance with $3.9B to significantly reduce the $5B backlog.

The following claims have been paid: 

Quality Care Health Plan ( administered by Aetna(Updated 03/19/2019)
Claims processed through 09/17/2018  have been released.
HealthLink OAP (Updated 03/25/2019)
Claims processed through 09/24/2018 have been released.
Aetna OAP (Updated 03/19/2019)
Claims processed through 09/17/2018 have been released.
Quality Care Dental Plan (administered by Delta Dental of Illinois) (Updated 03/12/2019)
Claims processed through 09/02/2018 have been released to PPO/Premier providers.
Claims processed through 05/06/2018 have been released to Non-network providers. 

Check this site for claim payments as they are updated with your provider. This information will be updated when the release date changes.

Note: CMS remains committed to ensuring providers are paid on a “first in, first out” basis.  Members’ EOBs will be available as payments are made.  If your provider required you to pay upfront prior to rendering services, you are eligible for the late payment interest accrued.  Please work with your healthcare provider if you believe you are eligible to receive interest.

Updated 03/25/2019