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TRAIL Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug (MAPD) Medical Contributions

TRAIL MAPD Plan Monthly Contributions Effective January 1, 2021

Retirees and annuitants who have over 20 years of service, as well as survivors whose annuity is based on the death of an employee who had 20 years or more of creditable service, receive their healthcare coverage premium-free through the State.  This premium-free coverage includes medical, prescription and EyeMed vision coverage.  All members are required to pay a premium for dental and dependent coverage. 
Retirees, annuitants and survivors with less than 20 years of service are required to pay 5% of the cost of coverage for every year of service they have less than 20 years.*  See chart below:

TRAIL MAPD Plan Monthly Contributions for Retirees, Annuitants and Survivors with Less than 20 Years of Service.​

Years of Service
Member's Responsibility:
Percentage of Cost​
HMO Plans
(Humana HMO, Coventry Advantra (An Aetna Company) and Health Alliance MAPD HMOs)​
United Healthcare PPO Plan​
*The 5% rates in the chart above do not apply to the following members: U of I federal retirees, SURS retirees who elected a lower pension in exchange for free insurance, retirees, annuitants and survivors of vested retired judges and general assembly members, SURS and SERS members who retired prior to 1/1/1998, TRS members who retired prior to 7/1/1999, and vested regional superintendents who retired under TRS on or after 7/1/1998.

Dependant Health Plan Contributions

The monthly dependent contribution is in addition to the member health plan contribution, if applicable. Dependents will be enrolled in the same plan as the member.

​Monthly Health Contributions for Dependant Coverage​

Coventry Advantra (An Aetna Company), Health Alliance MAPD or Humana HMOs
​​United Healthcare PPO
​One Dependant
Two or More Dependants​One Dependant​Two or More Dependants​

Life Insurance Contributions

Life insurance coverage options depend on when you retired and whether you are an immediate annuitant, deferred annuitant or survivor.  If you are uncertain of your retirement benefits, contact your retirement system. To request a change in your life insurance coverage, members must go online at and follow the instructions.  Medical underwriting will be required to add or increase Member Optional Life and to add Spouse Life coverage.  A Statement of Health application is available by contacting Minnesota Life at 888-202-5525, or by downloading the form at

​Optional Term Life Plan Monthly Contributions
Child Life Monthly Contributions​
Member's Age
Monthly Contribution Per $1,000 of Coverage​
Coverage​ Monthly Contribution​
​Under 30
$0.02Child Life $10,000 Coverage​$0.70​
$0.06 ​Spouse Life Monthly Contributions
$0.08 Coverage​ Monthly Contribution​
$0.16​Spouse Life $10,000 Coverage
(Annuitant under age 60)​
Spouse Life $5,000 Coverage
(Annuitant age 60 or older)​
​70 and above
$2.02 AD&D Monthly Contribution​

Monthly Contribution Per $1,000 of Coverage​
​Accidental Death & Dismemberment

EyeMed Vision Coverage

Vision coverage through EyeMed is provided at no additional cost to members enrolled in any of the TRAIL
MAPD plans. All members and enrolled dependents have the same vision coverage regardless of the health
plan selected. All vision benefits are covered once every 24 months from the last date the benefit was used.
A $10 copayment is required for eye exams, spectacle lenses and standard frames.
Use your EyeMed card for all routine vision care.

Delta Dental Coverage and Contributions

​Delta Dental Plan Monthly Contribution

Monthly Contribution
​Member Only
​Member Plus 1 Dependent
​Member Plus 2 or More Dependents

All members and enrolled dependents have the same dental benefits available through Delta Dental
regardless of the health plan selected.
The annual plan year deductible for dental coverage for the 2021 plan year (January 1, through December
31, 2021) is $100 per participant per plan year. Once the annual deductible has been met, each plan
participant is subject to a maximum annual dental benefit. Each plan participant has a maximum dental
benefit of $2,000.
Use your Delta Dental card for dental services.

Last Updated 09/03/2020