Printing and Paper Purchases

The Central Management Services Printing Division is the centralized purchasing unit for State of Illinois agency printing and paper requests. The CMS Printing Division maintains many annual, master contracts for various printing items, envelopes, copy paper, stock computer forms, and engraved printing. Individual bids are solicited for printing and paper requests on a daily basis for all state agencies and some Constitutional officers.

Many of the bids solicited from the CMS Printing Division are posted in the Illinois Procurement Bulletin using the prefix "PRT". Copies of the bid documents may be downloaded by registered users of the "Bulletin" or requested by mail.

NOTE: Some bids posted in the "Bulletin" also have samples or additional specifications that are an integral part of the bid, and this is so stated. If a vendor downloads a bid from the Illinois Procurement Bulletin, it is the vendor's responsibility to request the samples or additional specifications, or that bid is subject to rejection. Requests for samples and specifications may be mailed or faxed (217-782-5187) to the CMS Printing Division where they will be promptly mailed. If vendors wish to include their FEDEX or other overnight service account number, the items will be sent overnight to the vendors at their expense.

What are the vendor requirements?

All vendors that submit quotes to the CMS Printing Division must have completed an Employer Report Form and filed it with the Illinois Department of Human Rights prior to the bid opening to be considered eligible for an award.

What prevailing wage, benefit, and working conditions are required?

All printing furnished under contracts awarded under the 'Illinois Procurement Code' shall be performed by employees who shall receive, while performing the printing work subject to the contract, prevailing wages and benefits who shall work under conditions prevalent in the locality in which the work is performed. Printing performed in a plant outside the State of Illinois shall be deemed produced at the Illinois delivery point. The Prevailing Wage Rates for Printers are listed on each bid document. Vendors must sign a certification that they are meeting this requirement on each bid document.

When are bid openings conducted?

Public bid openings are conducted throughout the day Monday thru Friday on the designated dates and times listed on the bid documents at the listed location. Vendors are welcome to attend bid openings. The names of the responding bidders and the pricing will be publicly read at that time.

What ink is required?

Soybean oil-based ink shall be used by all printing contractors unless another type of ink is specified.

When are bid openings conducted?

Public bid openings are conducted on the designated dates listed on the bid documents at the location mentioned below. Vendors are welcome to attend bid openings at that time. The names of the responding bidders and the pricing will be publicly read at that time.

Any Questions?

Questions regarding the purchasing of printing and paper for the State of Illinois should be directed to:

Bid Openings
Central Management Services
401 S. Spring - Room 801
Springfield, Illinois 62706
(217) 782-4561