Mission: To ensure a state procurement system that is open, business-friendly and resulting in greater utilization of and with increased spending with a representative and expanded group of minority, women or persons with disability - owned entities.

Established to ensure viable minority, women or persons with disability owned firms participate within the State's overall procurement activities. Primary focus addressing procurement processes; accountability and reporting; and, effective outreach.

CURRENT MEMBERS: Charisse Witherspoon, Chair.


Mission: To ensure intent of BEP program statutes and policies are administered, executed and carried to fruition.

Established to provide appropriate reviews for agency compliance plans, good faith efforts submissions, statute review and input for legislative considerations and amendments.

CURRENT MEMBERS: Beth Doria, Chair, Jesse Martinez, Charisse Witherspoon.


Mission: To offer support and build capacity of minority, women or persons with disability - owned firms through identification or recommendation of existing resources and marketing of available services.

Provides insight, expertise and advice to the State in the diversification of nontraditional markets, as well as the identification of business opportunities and training vehicles for minority, women and person with disabilities community. Provides guidance and feedback on policies and legislation that would favorably impact growth and development of minority, women and persons with disability - owned businesses, further contributing to the growth of Illinois' economy.

CURRENT MEMBERS: Rodney Lewis, Chair, Fred Coleman.


Mission: To influence policies, legislation and practices that would favorably impact access to capital and bonding that will assist in the growth and development of minority, women, or persons with disability - owned business enterprise.

This Committee recognizes the challenges minority businesses face in access to capital and bonding for stability and growth and provides best practices and approaches in ensuring financial responsibility is used as an effective tool in business development.

CURRENT MEMBERS: Fred Coleman, Chair, Rodney Lewis, Corinne Pierog.


Mission: Provides guidance and feedback pertaining to policies and legislation that would favorably expand the opportunities for procurement inclusion of minority, women or persons with disability - owned business enterprises while maintaining the integrity of its existing program.

The Committee focuses on the importance of a credible and effective certification program with the primary objective in providing recommendations/solutions to simplify, streamline and improve the efficiency of the certification process for all vendors in the State of Illinois. Members serve by participating in all hearings requiring decisions for all BEP certification appeal referrals.

CURRENT MEMBERS: Florence Cox, Chair, Beth Doria, Perry Nakachi, Larry Ivory, Chima Enyia.