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The mission of the Compliance Division of the Business Enterprise Program is to ensure compliance in the State’s procurement process regarding various aspects of diversity contracting. The Compliance Division oversees the contract goal setting process, Utilization Plan reviews, monitoring of BEP certified subcontractor utilization, as well as, provides required reporting and assistance to all agencies, institutions of higher education, and community colleges.

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Goal Setting Process

Goal Setting Process

20% State Contracting Goal (increases to 30%
January 1, 2022)

Utilization Plan Reviews

Utilization Plan Reviews

Resources & Best Practices

Compliance Monitoring

Compliance Monitoring

Diversity Contract Monitoring System (DCMS)



Annual Compliance
Plans / Reports

Goal Setting

While the State of Illinois has an aspirational goal to spend at least 20% of its total dollars with firms certified through BEP, the State determines its goals for each contract on an individual contract basis.

Utilization Plan

A Utilization Plan is included in all bids or proposals and demonstrates a vendor’s proposed utilization of BEP-certified vendors to meet the targeted goal.


Compliance Monitoring

Compliance Plan History

The following Compliance Plan History details achievement by state institutions, beginning Fiscal Year 2013 through the present, measured against their Compliance Plans submitted. The current Fiscal Year 2021 information will finalize once achievement is applied after Match 1st, 2022 on the BEP Annual Expenditure Report. Compliance Plan History will be updated annually on this site.


FY ’22 BEP Compliance Plans

The Business Enterprise Program’s (BEP) Fiscal Year 2022 Compliance Plan is composed of three Parts. Your institution is responsible for completing all three Parts and submitting to BEP by August 31st, 2021.

For State Agencies:

For Public Institutions of Higher Education (PIHE):

For Community Colleges (Please return Part II to the Illinois Community College Board):

FY ’21 Annual Expenditure Reports

Each State agency, public institution of higher education and community college under the jurisdiction of the Business Enterprise Program (BEP) for Minorities, Females, and Persons with Disabilities Act, shall file with the BEP Council, an annual report of its utilization of businesses owned by minorities, women, and persons with disabilities during the preceding fiscal year.

For Public Institutions of Higher Education (PIHE):

Reach out to the BEP Compliance Division for copies of the PIHE – FY 21 Annual Expenditure Report Workbook.

For Community Colleges (Please return to the Illinois Community College Board (ICCB)):

Reach out to your ICCB BEP Coordinator for copies of the CC – FY 21 Annual Expenditure Report Template.

Higher Education Supplier Diversity Reports

Laws & Regulations

Important Notices

  • BEP Policies & Procedures - April 6, 2021
  • BEP SOP Manual (coming soon)
  • With the passage of Public Act 100-0140, every private institution of higher education approved by the Illinois Student Assistance Commission for purposes of the Monetary Award Program shall submit a report on its voluntary supplier diversity program to the Department of Central Management Services.

    Illinois Higher Education Supplier Diversity Report Form

There are two recent Public Acts of which all State vendors and their attorneys should be aware. We encourage you to read these Acts in their entirety.

Public Act 96-795 makes significant revisions to the Illinois Procurement Code and places new requirements on vendors and bidders.

Public Act 95-971 establishes certain registration requirements and campaign contribution restrictions for State vendors and bidders.

For further information please see the attached fact sheet 

For vendor registration information and instruction, visit the State Board of Elections website or call 312-814-6440 or 217-782-4141.

Procurement Rules, Code & Act