BEP Certification

Benefits of BEP Certification

  • Free, no cost to apply!
  • Access to State contracting opportunities
  • Recognition with other municipalities and organizations
  • Marketing opportunities
  • Certified BEP firms are listed in an online directory
  • Only BEP certified firms can fulfill BEP participation goals
  • The directory identifies the specific work the BEP firm is certified to do in addition to all relevant contact information
  • This directory is utilized by government procurement officials in the counties, cities, and municipalities as well as the State
  • Valuable tool for private sector companies that value supplier diversity

Certification Services

The State of Illinois Business Enterprise Program (BEP), demonstrates the State’s continued commitment to opportunity and inclusion of minority-owned, women-owned and persons with disabilities owned businesses by offering certification opportunities to M/W/PBE firms.

The Business Enterprise Program Certification division certifies minority, women and persons with disabilities owned businesses that:

  • Have at least 51% ownership by a minority, woman, or person with a disability
  • Have at least 51% of their business controlled by one or more minority groups, women, or person with a disability
  • The owner must be a citizen of the United States or US foreign national
  • Have annual gross sales of less than $75 million
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The State of Illinois certification is also accepted by other government agencies and partners.

Full BEP Certification Application Process

  • Approved certification is valid for 7 years with an annual No Change Affidavit (Annual Recertification) process.

Recognition Certification Application

The BEP recognition certification application allows vendors certified with the entities listed below to become certified with the State of Illinois with reduced paperwork requirements. BEP has agreements with the following agencies and is able to accept certifications from any of the following entities:

Recognition certification is valid for 1 year

Get BEP Certified in 7 days or fewer with one affidavit
through the FastTrack certification process.

If your business is currently certified by the City of Chicago or Cook County you are eligible for FastTrack Certification.

image of the Seal of Chicago, the Seal of Cook County and the Seal of the State of Illinois

The FastTrack certification process allows reciprocity with City of Chicago and Cook County to provide a pathway to BEP certification in 7 days or fewer.

Visit the BEP Certification Portal to get started.

Eligible businesses may be certified in one or more of the following programs: Business Enterprise Program, Veterans Business Program, and Small Business Set-Aside Program.

If you have questions regarding the certification process, please contact our Certification Division at

Minority, women, and persons with disability-owned firms that meet the eligibility standards of the BEP Program are encouraged to seek certification. Eligibility is determined by minority status, ownership, control, and gross receipts under $75 million.

The certification process is structured to ensure that only those businesses meeting all the requirements set forth under State law may participate in the program. The Business Enterprise Program (BEP), a bureau of Central Management Services, serves as Illinois’ official certification agency. Upon receiving certification, firms are automatically listed in the online directory.

BEP will reassess certified firms annually and they may remain in the BEP Program as long as they continue to meet the eligibility standards.