CMS Federal and State Surplus Warehouse announces temporary closure in response to COVID-19 outbreak

Considering the ever-changing circumstances around COVID-19 and to be responsive to community and public health needs, we have made the difficult decision to close the CMS Federal and State Surplus Warehouses.

At the advice of the Illinois Department of Human Services we will be closing our offices and warehouses until FURTHER NOTICE.

We will reopen once the leadership team is confident any risk to our customers, their families, and staff has declined.

Again, we want to stress that the welfare of customers, family members, and staff – is our utmost concern. We are doing everything we can to keep that family safe during these unprecedented times.

Any iBid auctions won during this outage will not be available for pickup until FURTHER NOTICE.

​​​CMS Property Control is charged with the administration and disposal of all surplus personal property generated by state agencies, boards, commissions, universities, and constitutional office-holders, and excess and surplus property no longer needed by the U. S. Government. Property Control is comprised of three program sections:

State Surplus Property

State Surplus Property

STATE SURPLUS property is made available by priority to state government entities on a “first come, first serve” basis. When property is no longer needed by state government, property is made available next to units of local government (cities, towns, counties, etc.) and non-profit organizations (501c, organizations providing assistance to homeless, food banks, etc.). State Surplus also administers recycling programs. Our Recycling services help state agencies to properly dispose of or recycle unusable items if they cannot be re-distributed by Surplus Property to other state entities. Local governments, qualifying not-for-profit organizations and the public may view the available State surplus equipment at the central warehouse in Springfield Mondays thru Friday (except holidays) from 12:30 p.m. until 4 p.m. Available surplus can be tagged by agency property control officers to hold for pickup by using tags supplied by the surplus warehouse staff. Once a tag is filled out and attached to surplus item, the agency will have 10 days to pick up tagged item Monday through Friday, 12:30 p.m. - 3:45 p.m. If a tagged asset has not been picked up after 10 days, the tag will be removed and the surplus item will become available to other agencies. All surplus being picked up will need to be invoiced by warehouse staff prior to departure. A nominal service charge is assessed depending on the age and condition of each item of property to cover overhead costs.

State Surplus Public Auctions (iBid)

iBid LogoOften called "the eBay® of Illinois," iBid is the State's online auction website. The iBid web site allows users to browse and bid for items currently available for sale at public auction. Auctions are held weekly at and interested bidders can find vehicles, office furniture, electronics, machine shop equipment...and much more each week!

Cities and other local governments in Illinois can apply to become a “Seller” of local government surplus and use the State's surplus property online auction website to dispose of their unneeded equipment. Interested Units of Local Government should call (217) 785-6903. iBid can help local governments reap the highest return to its taxpayers from thousands of interested bidders throughout Illinois and around the world, at significantly lower fees than most online auction services.

Federal Surplus Property

CMS Property Control also administers the distribution of FEDERAL SURPLUS property under rules promulgated by the U.S. General Services Administration. Federal Surplus generally includes equipment such as vehicles, electronics, food service equipment, hand-tools, outdoor equipment, etc. GSA logoOrganizations interested in enrollment are typically Units of Local government or provide community-based health or human services (non-profits, museums, libraries, etc). Federal Property not transferred to eligible organizations, or no longer used or required by the U. S. Government may be sold at public online auction at:

Law Enforcement Support Office (LESO)

Illinois law enforcement agencies are eligible for enrollment in a special equipment program administered by the Illinois Department of Central Management Services, Law Enforcement Support Office Program. The Secretary of Defense is authorized by Title 10 USC § 2576a, 1033 LESO Program, to transfer to Federal and State Agencies, personal property that is excess to the needs of the DOD and that the Secretary determines is suitable to be used by such agencies in law enforcement activities, LESO logowith emphasis on counter-drug/counter-terrorism activities, under such terms prescribed by the Secretary. The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) defines law enforcement activities as activities performed by government agencies whose primary function is the enforcement of applicable Federal, State, and local laws and whose compensated law enforcement officers have powers of arrest and apprehension.

For more information about CMS Property Control, please contact:

CMS Federal & State Surplus Property Division
1924 S. 10 1/2 St.
Springfield, IL 62703
voice (State): 217-785-6903
voice (Federal): 217-785-6903
voice (LESO): 217-558-1425