Agency Training & Development

Interview and Selection On-Line Training

To become certified to participate in employment interviews, please seek supervisory/management approval within your agency. Once approved, please log-in to OneNet and complete the training at:

After the training has been completed, forward a copy of your certificate to your agency's training coordinator.

Interview & Selection Coordinator Listing

Agency Interview & Selection Coordinator contact list.


Interview & Selection Updates

Information regarding updates and changes to the Interview & Selection process.


Rutan Interviewer Recertification Training Website

Rutan Interviewer Recertification training is only for those who have completed the full two (2) day Interview & Selection certification training. Those holding current full certification may continue to complete the recertification. If you have trouble logging into the site, please contact us at


Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Training

Beginning in 2020, each officer, member, and employee must complete, at least annually , a harassment and discrimination prevention training program within 30 days after commencement of his or her office or employment.  In accordance with the Human Rights Act, all individuals have the right to be free from sexual harassment, unlawful discrimination, and harassment.  Furthermore, in accordance with the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act, all persons have a right to work in an environment free from sexual harassment.  All persons subject to this Act are prohibited from sexually harassing any person, regardless of any employment relationship or lack thereof."  

Following the training, please complete and provide the acknowledgement form to your ethics officer.

Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Training

If you have any special needs or requirements, please let us know and we will do our best to provide accommodations.

If you have questions or concerns regarding our training programs, please contact us at:

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