Targeted Job Titles

Please Note: Titles may be frozen, added to or deleted from this list at any time by the Upward Mobility Advisory Committee. However, employees who are currently pursuing an affected title will be able to complete their work for their certificate, license, and/or degree.

The following titles will be available through Upward Mobility effective July 1, 2011:


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Certificate TitlesSalary Grade
Account Clerk II$2976-3717
Account Technician I$3257-4178
Cook I$2961-3681
Cook II$3165-4036
Correctional Lieutenant$5014-6884
Corrections Food Service Supervisor I$4085-5460
Data Processing Administrative Specialist$3802-5069
Data Processing Specialist$3514-4579
Data Processing Supervisor I$3314-4274
Data Processing Technician$3156-4007
Dietary Manager I$4059-5503
Employment Security Program Representative$3729-4971
Executive Secretary I$3379-4358
Executive Secretary II$3647-5668
Information Services Specialist I - Categories A, C, S, M$4253-5787
Office Administrator II$3156-4007
Office Administrative Specialist$3514-4579
Office Specialist$3379-4358
Rehabilitation Case Coordinator I$3060-3857
Residential Services Supervisor$3878-5212
Security Officer$3643-4665
Site Technician I$3257-4178
Site Technician II$3514-4579
Switchboard Operator I$2820-3467
Unemployment Insurance Revenue Specialist$3498-5385
Credential TitlesSalary Grade
Accounting and Fiscal Administration Career Trainee$3447-4491
Activity Therapist$3878-5212
Bank Examiner 1$4059-5503
Behavioral Analyst 1$4253-5787
Chemist I$4059-5503
Child Welfare Associate Specialist$4059-5503
Child Welfare Specialist$4476-6124
Corrections Assessment Specialist$4831-7244
Corrections Identification Technician$2449-6043
Corrections Leisure Activities Specialist I$2666-5777
Corrections Nurse I$4580-6214
Day Care Licensing Representative I$4059-5503
Day Care Licensing Representative II$4476-6124
Disability Claims Adjudicator I$4059-5503
Environmental Protection Engineer I$3878-5212
Financial Institutions Examiner Trainee$3577-4713
Financial Institutions Examiner 1$4059-5503
Habilitation Program Coordinator$4253-5787
Information Services Intern$3878-5212
Internal Auditor Trainee$2464-4403
Juvenile Justice Specialist Intern$4085-5460
Juvenile Justice Supervisor$5581-7720
Juvenile Justice Youth and Family Specialist, Option 1$3175-6452
Licensed Practical Nurse I$3257-4178
Licensed Practical Nurse II$3460-4478
Life Sciences Career Trainee$3447-4491
Pharmacist Technician$2976-3717
Psychologist I$4253-5787
Registered Nurse I$4299-5832
Rehabilitation Counselor Trainee$3878-5212
Revenue Auditor Trainee$3447-4491
Social Worker I$4059-5503
Social Worker II$4476-6124
Veterans Nursing Assistant - Certified$3076-3914
Dual TitlesSalary Grade
Correctional Counselor I$3878-5212
Corrections Parole Agent$4253-5787
Human Services Caseworker$4059-5503
Laboratory Associate I$3257-4178
Revenue Tax Specialist Trainee$3195-4097


*Pay scale for employees of the Department of Corrections is 3% above the listed salary.