Upward Mobility Program

**Registration & Counseling Announcement**

Effective October 30, 2020 at 5:00 p.m., the Upward Mobility Program On-line Registration System is suspended until further notice. UMP staff are working diligently to counsel the over 4,000 employees who have registered during the last enrollment period. The On-line Registration System will re-open upon the completion of this counseling cycle. Please watch this website for future updates.

If you already have a bachelor’s or master’s degree, you can submit, prior to registration, an UMP Promotional Application, UMP100B, for any dual or credential UMP target titles for which you think you are qualified. Copies of official transcripts must accompany your application. Submit by email to CMS.UMP100@illinois.gov or by mail to UMP, 1021 North Grand Ave. East, Springfield, IL 62702. Links to the UMP100B and Targeted Job Title Descriptions and requirements are available below.

Upward Mobility Program Counseling Update Effective September 21, 2020

Over 3,400 employees have registered between February 18 and July 31, 2020 to participate in the Upward Mobility Program. Counselors will begin contacting program eligible employees from this group who have received a letter by mail to the address on file which outlines the steps to counseling.

Due to the overwhelming response to registration for the Upward Mobility Program, it is anticipated it will take several months to contact all employees who have registered. Contact will be based on a seniority ranking system as agreed upon by the State of Illinois and AFSCME. Your patience is appreciated.

Employees who registered after August 1, 2020 will be included in the next group to be counseled. A timeframe for when counseling for the next group will begin will be updated on this website as the first group nears completion.

Current UMP Participants – Please note that if you have a valid Proficiency Examination Registration Form (PER) for certificate or testing titles, Assessment Centers are currently open by appointment only for UMP Participants. Due to limited seating, please consider taking your tests now to be prepared for upcoming postings.

New Corrections Titles

The Upward Mobility Program (UMP) has added four new Corrections titles to the current program offerings: Corrections Assessment Specialist, Corrections Identification Technician, Corrections Leisure Activities Specialist I, and Juvenile Justice Youth & Family Specialist, Opt 1. Please see the attached letter for eligibility and the application process.

CMS Assessment Center Status Update

As of September 1, 2020 all CMS Assessment Centers are scheduling Open Competitive and promotional examinations via a notification process. Members of the public and current state employees should continue to apply directly to the hiring agency point of contact on active job postings using a CMS100 or a CMS100B for current state employees. Call-in and Walk-in appointments and services are currently unavailable at all CMS Assessment Center locations.

Upward Mobility Program testing continues as a call-in scheduling service. All Upward Mobility Program testers must be in possession of a Proficiency Examination Registration form (PER) prior to scheduling an exam. A PER must be presented to the Assessment Center at the time of scheduling in order to reserve a time slot. No walk-in scheduling or services are available.

COVID-19 Announcement

In an effort to protect our community and employees during the COVID-19 emergency, the Illinois Department of Central Management Services (CMS) has limited the number of Upward Mobility Program staff working in the office. UMP staff are working from home with limited ability to access participant data. If you are currently enrolled in UMP, please either email us at cms.umpcounselor@illinois.gov or call us and leave a message on the UMP Hotline at 1-833-452-4836. Thank you for your patience as we work to respond to you as soon as possible.


Upward Mobility Program Purpose

The State of Illinois Upward Mobility Program is a career mobility program designed to give state employees an opportunity to advance to more challenging, higher paying positions. It is a joint venture between CMS and AFSCME. Employees receive individual counseling to inform them of the career opportunities available and to guide them in developing their career plans. Participants take proficiency exams and/or complete required education and training programs designed to provide the skills and knowledge needed for advancement.

Employees can work toward advancement in the following major career paths: Data Processing, Office Services, Accounting, Human Services, Criminal Justice, and Nursing.

Eligibility & Enrollment - CURRENTLY SUSPENDED

You are NOT eligible for any UMP Program benefits until you have completed the enrollment process and returned a Career Development Plan.

Please click on Eligibility & Enrollment above to access the online registration form.

Targeted Job Titles

Participants in the Upward Mobility Program have more than 50 targeted job titles to choose from.

Help for Test Anxiety

If you are like most people, you have probably experienced some degree of test anxiety at one time or another.

Test anxiety is the feeling of fear you have when your performance is about to be evaluated. When you experience this type of anxiety, your abilities to think and to pay attention drop at the time you need them most. What can you do to alleviate this anxiety you feel during the testing process?

The Upward Mobility Program and the AFSCME Personal Support Program have prepared a booklet, "Tips to Control Test Anxiety", which contains an overview of the many ways to better manage your test anxiety. Please follow the Step-by-Step method of controlling test anxiety. Check off the steps that you already follow and concentrate on those you may need. The booklet is in PDF format and may be viewed using Acrobat Reader.

Policy Guidelines

Guidelines governing the Upward Mobility Program.

Upward Mobility Promotional Application – UMP100B

For use only by Certified State of Illinois AFSCME employees under the jurisdiction of the Governor that already possess the necessary degree(s) and/or licensure for an Upward Mobility credential or dual title. Completed applications can be mailed to Upward Mobility via the United States Postal Service. Faxed, scanned, and emailed applications will not be submitted for processing and will be destroyed.


Contact Information

Upward Mobility Program
Sangamo Building
1021 North Grand Avenue East
Springfield, IL 62702
Hotline: 1-833-452-4836
TDD: 1-800-526-0844
e-Mail: CMS.UMPCounselor@Illinois.gov


Springfield Centrex users may call:
524-1073 (voice)
785-3979 (TDD)

AFSCME Council 31
Upward Mobility Program Coordinator
615 S Second Street
P.O. Box 2328
Springfield, IL 62705-2328
Phone: 217-788-2800, Ext. 3348