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Report to the General Assembly Pursuant to the Personal Information Protection Act


Grievance Report and Record (CMS 402, IL 401-0726) 

Negotiated Prevailing Wage Certification Instructions
Sick Leave Bank Membership Application (IL 401-1530)
Sick Leave Bank Membership Application (IL 401-1530)
Request for Use of Sick Leave Bank (IL 401-1531)
Request for Use of Sick Leave Bank (IL 401-1531) 

Sick Leave Bank Appeal:
If an applicant has been notified their application for use of Sick Leave Bank
has been denied, they may appeal the decision in the following manner: The applicant
may submit additional medical documentation which will be reviewed by the committee.
A determination for approval or denial will then be made based on the entirety
of all medical documentation.

Physician's Statement (CMS95, IL 401-0784)

INA Tuition - New Participant Information
INA Application
INA Policy
INA Work Commitment Form
INA Education Plan 
INA Grievance Form

Labor Contracts


AFSCME Master Contract  2015-2023
AFSCME Memorandum of Understanding 2015-2023
Appendix A 2015-2023
Appendix B 2015-2023


Downstate 2019-2023
Cook County 2019-2023
Fox Valley 2019-2023
Protech 916 2019-2023

Trade Titles Contracts

Bakers 2015-2019
Barbers 2015-2019
Boiler Makers 2015-2019
Brick Layers 2015-2019
Carpenters 2015-2019
Electricians 2015-2019
Fireman 2015-2019
Food Workers 2015-2019
Laborers 2015-2019
Machinists 2015-2019
Operating Engineers 2015-2019
Painters 2015-2019
Plumbers 2015-2019
Sheet Metal, Air, Rail & Transportation 2015-2019

Other Contracts

CU-500 2012-2015
IFT 2019-2023
RC-23 - INA 2015-2023
RC-29 2015-2023  
RC-36 2015-2023
RC-45 2015-2023
RC-56 2015-2023
RC-61 2015-2023
RC-89 2015-2023
RC-104 - Conservation Police Sergeants 2015-2023 
RC-184 2015-2023
SEIU - Personal Assistants Contract and Side Letter 2019-2023
SEIU - Child Care Providers 2019-2023
VR-704 2015-2023
VR-706 2015-2023