Job Titles and Class Specifications

This is an alphabetic listing of all position classification titles utilized in Agencies, Departments, Boards and Commissions under the jurisdiction of the Governor of the State of Illinois. It includes the position title code, equal employment occupational code, position title, salary plan and the applicable rates of pay.

Labor Relations

Labor forms and contracts.

Pay Plan

The Pay Plan provides administrative rules pertaining to compensation practices and policies applicable to state employees covered by the jurisdiction of the Personnel Code. The Pay Plan also provides the pay schedules and salary ranges for position classifications included in the Classification Plan.

Personnel Code

This is the law that provides the basis for the civil service merit system in Illinois. It embraces all positions of employment in the service of the state unless specifically excluded by legislation. It empowers the Director of Central Management Services to promulgate Rules and carry out this law, and creates the Civil Service Commission to monitor its proper administration and to conduct hearings.

Personnel Rules

The Personnel Rules, together with the Classification Plan, Pay Plan and body of Classification Standards, make up the administrative rules and these have the force and effect of law, subject to the interpretation of the Director and review by the Civil Service Commission. Personnel Rules consists of classification and pay, merit and fitness, conditions of employment, general provisions and extensions of jurisdiction.

State Holidays

The state holiday calendar is a list of state holidays when State of Illinois agencies will be closed.

Personnel Workbench (Authorization Required)

A comprehensive human resources information system for Personnel Officers and Agency program managers. The site is password protected and available only to state agencies through the Enterprise web.

Travel Guide for State Employees