Potential Conflicts of Interest

This page contains information regarding Potential Conflicts of Interest.  After each letting, Potential Conflicts of Interest are identified, and documentation is sent to the Procurement Policy Board in accordance with Section 50-35 of the Procurement ​​​Code.  The Procurement Policy Board reviews each conflict and makes a recommendation as to whether the there may be a conflict.  The information below contains Potential Conflicts of Interest documentation.

collapse Fiscal Year : 2018 ‎(4)
PC18-004 EWR Architects, Inc8/21/2017No ConflictEWR Architects, Inc.
PC18-003 White and Borgognoni Architects Inc8/3/2017No ConflictWhite and Borgognini Archtects, Inc.
PC18-002 Mason's Masonry Restoration Inc7/27/2017No ConflictMason's Masonry Restoration, Inc.
PC18-001 Themes Architecture Inc7/21/2017No ConflictThemes Architecture, Inc.
collapse Fiscal Year : 2017 ‎(3)
PC17-003 - Bulk Storage Inc12/14/2016No ConflictBulk Storage, Inc.
PC17-002 - Bulk Storage Inc11/21/2016No ConflictBulk Storage, Inc.
PC17-001 - McDonough-Whitlow7/5/2016No ConflictMcDonough-Whitlow
collapse Fiscal Year : 2016 ‎(25)
PC16-024 - Heartland Mechanical Contractors, Inc4/11/2016No ConflictHeartland Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
PC16-025 - Allied Design Consultants, Inc3/31/2016No ConflictAllied Design Consultants, Inc.
PC16-022 - A and R Mechanical Contractors, Inc3/3/2016No ConflictA and R Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
PC16-023 - Hanson Professional Services, Inc3/3/2016No ConflictHanson Professional Services, Inc.
PC16-021 - AndersonBloom and Associates, Inc1/19/2016No ConflictAndersonBloom and Associates, Inc.
PC16-020 - Allied Design Consultants, Inc12/16/2015No ConflictAllied Design Consultants, Inc.
PC16-018 - Heartland Mechanical Contractors, Inc12/9/2015No ConflictHeartland Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
PC16-017 - McDonough-Whitlow, P.C11/13/2015No ConflictMcDonough-Whitlow, P.C.
PC16-015 - Baysinger Design Group, Inc11/10/2015No ConflictBaysinger Design Group, Inc.
PC16-016 - Southfield Corporation11/10/2015No ConflictSouthfield Corporation
PC16-013 - A and R Mechanical Contractors, Inc10/14/2015No ConflictA and R Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
PC16-014 - A and R Mechanical Contractors, Inc10/14/2015No ConflictA and R Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
PC16-012 - LCI Concrete, Inc9/29/2015No ConflictLCI Concrete, Inc.
PC16-019 - Winter Construction9/29/2015No ConflictWinter Construction
PC16-011 - Matrix Engineering Corporation9/18/2015No ConflictMatrix Engineering Corporation
PC16-009 - Heartland Mechanical Contractors, Inc9/4/2015No ConflictHeartland Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
PC16-010 - Winter Construction9/4/2015No ConflictWinter Construction
PC16-008 - Anderlock Corporation8/24/2015No ConflictAnderlock Corporation
PC16-007 - BLDD Architects, Inc8/17/2015No ConflictBLDD Architects, Inc.
PC16-006 - Selvaggio Steel, Inc8/14/2015No ConflictSelvaggio Steel, Inc.
PC16-005 - Level-1 Global Solutions, LLC8/13/2015No ConflictLevel-1 Global Solutions, LLC
PC16-003 - BLDD Architects, Inc8/12/2015No ConflictBLDD Architects, Inc.
PC16-004 - BLDD Architects, Inc8/12/2015No ConflictBLDD Architects, Inc.
PC16-002 - GSG Consultants8/7/2015No ConflictGSG Consultants
PC16-001 - Perry Broughton Trucking and Excavating, Inc7/8/2015No ConflictPerry Broughton Trucking and Excavating, Inc.
collapse Fiscal Year : 2015 ‎(67)
PC15-027 - P.H. Broughton and Sons, Inc6/16/2015No ConflictP.H. Broughton and Sons, Inc.
PC15-026 - Vaya, Inc4/27/2015No ConflictVaya, Inc.
PC15-025 - Oates Associates, Inc4/21/2015No ConflictOates Associates, Inc.
PC15-024 - B and B Electric, Inc4/20/2015No ConflictB and B Electric, Inc.
PC15-023 - Laverdiere Construction, Inc3/30/2015No ConflictLaverdiere Construction, Inc.
PC15-022 - Allied Designs3/19/2015No ConflictAllied Designs
PC15-020 - Davis-Houk Mechanical3/12/2015No ConflictDavis-Houk Mechanical
PC15-021 - KAM Services, Inc3/12/2015No ConflictKAM Services, Inc.
PC15-019 - Willett, Hofmann and Associates, Inc3/10/2015No ConflictWillett, Hofmann and Associates, Inc.
PC15-018 - Hanson Professional Services2/17/2015No ConflictHanson Professional Services
PC15-017 - Laverdiere Construction, Inc2/10/2015No ConflictLaverdiere Construction, Inc.
PC15-016 - Hanson Professional Services2/5/2015No ConflictHanson Professional Services
PC15-015 - B and B Electric, Inc1/30/2015No ConflictB and B Electric, Inc.
PC15-013 - DeKayo Corporation12/22/2014No ConflictDeKayo Corporation
PC15-014 - GreenTrac, LLC12/22/2014No ConflictGreenTrac, LLC
PC15-065 - F and G Roofing Company12/16/2014No ConflictF & G Roofing Company
PC15-012 - Laverdiere Construction, Inc12/12/2014No ConflictLaverdiere Construction, Inc.
PC15-011 - KAM Services, Inc12/11/2014No ConflictKAM Services, Inc.
PC15-009 - Farnsworth Group12/10/2014No ConflictFarnsworth Group
PC15-010 - Laverdiere Construction, Inc12/10/2014No ConflictLaverdiere Construction, Inc.
PC15-008 - Midwest Skylite Systems12/9/2014No ConflictMidwest Skylite Systems
PC15-006 - B and B Electric, Inc12/8/2014No ConflictB and B Electric, Inc.
PC15-007 - Farnsworth Group12/8/2014No ConflictFarnsworth Group
PC15-005 - Farnsworth Group12/5/2014No ConflictFarnsworth Group
PC15-004 - AndersonBloom and Associates, Inc12/4/2014No ConflictAndersonBloom and Associates, Inc.
PC15-003 - Glade Plumbing and Heating Company11/24/2014No ConflictGlade Plumbing and Heating Company
PC15-002 - Red Dot Construction and Equipment Rental, Inc11/21/2014No ConflictRed Dot Construction and Equipment Rental, Inc.
PC15-001 - Baysinger Design Group, Inc11/12/2014No ConflictBaysinger Design Group, Inc.
PC15-028 - Harlan M. Bohnsack11/12/2014No ConflictHarlan M. Bohnsack
PC15-029 - A and R Mechanical Contractors, Inc10/23/2014No ConflictA and R Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
PC15-030 - OWPP Cannon Design, Inc10/20/2014No ConflictOWPP Cannon Design, Inc.
PC15-031 - Boos Enterprises, Inc10/10/2014No ConflictBoos Enterprises, Inc.
PC15-032 - Laverdiere Construction, Inc10/2/2014No ConflictLaverdiere Construction, Inc.
PC15-033 - Heartland Mechanical Contractors10/2/2014No ConflictHeartland Mechanical Contractors
PC15-034 - Boos Enterprises, Inc10/2/2014No ConflictBoos Enterprises, Inc.
PC15-066 - Ruder Electric, Inc10/2/2014No ConflictRuder Electric, Inc.
PC15-035 - Clark Dietz, Inc10/1/2014No ConflictClark Dietz, Inc.
PC15-036 - Bailey Edward Design, Inc9/29/2014No ConflictBailey Edward Design, Inc.
PC15-037 - Davis-Houk Mechanical9/27/2014No ConflictDavis-Houk Mechanical
PC15-038 - Shive-Hattery, Inc9/22/2014No ConflictShive-Hattery, Inc.
PC15-039 - Davis-Houk Mechanical9/22/2014No ConflictDavis-Houk Mechanical
PC15-040 - M.A.S. Services9/19/2014No ConflictM.A.S. Services
PC15-041 - A and R Mechanical Contractors, Inc9/19/2014No ConflictA and R Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
PC15-067 - Champaign A and K Insulation Company, Inc9/19/2014No ConflictA & K Insulation Company, Inc.
PC15-042 - Heartland Mechanical Contractors9/18/2014No ConflictHeartland Mechanical Contractors
PC15-043 - Hanson Professional Services, Inc9/4/2014No ConflictHanson Professional Services, Inc.
PC15-044 -Millennia Professional Services of Illinois, Ltd9/4/2014No ConflictMillennia Professional Services of Illinois, Ltd.
PC15-045 - Mertel Gravel Company9/4/2014No ConflictMertel Gravel Company
PC15-046 - McDonough Whitlow P.C9/4/2014No ConflictMcDonough Whitlow P.C.
PC15-047 - Laverdiere Construction, Inc9/3/2014No ConflictLaverdiere Construction, Inc.
PC15-048 - Hanson Professional Services, Inc9/2/2014No ConflictHanson Professional Services, Inc.
PC15-049 - McDonough-Whitlow8/29/2014No ConflictMcDonough-Whitlow
PC15-050 - A and R Mechanical Contractors, Inc8/28/2014No ConflictA and R Mechanical Contactors, Inc.
PC15-051 - Architectural Expressions, LLP8/28/2014No ConflictArchitectural Expressions, LLP
PC15-052 - Davis-Houk Mechanical, Inc8/25/2014No ConflictDavis-Houk Mechanical, Inc.
PC15-053 - Frega Associates, Ltd8/25/2014No ConflictFrega Associates, Ltd.
PC15-054 - Hanson Professional Services, Inc8/21/2014No ConflictHanson Professional Services, Inc.
PC15-055 - Dries Brothers Inc8/5/2014No ConflictDries Brothers Inc.
PC15-056 - MLN Enterprise7/15/2014No ConflictMLN Enterprise
PC15-057 - FWAI Architects, Inc7/7/2014No ConflictFWAI Architects, Inc.
PC15-058 - Laverdiere Construction, Inc7/7/2014No ConflictLaverdiere Construction, Inc.
PC15-059 - A and R Mechanical Contractors, Inc6/30/2014No ConflictA and R Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
PC15-060 - A and R Mechanical Contractors, Inc6/30/2014No ConflictA and R Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
PC15-061 - JK Steel Erectors6/17/2014No ConflictJK Steel Erectors
PC15-062 - Perry Broughton Trucking and Excavating6/16/2014No ConflictPerry Broughton Trucking and Excavating
PC15-063 - Millennia Professional Services of Illinois, Ltd6/16/2014No ConflictMillennia Professional Services of Illinois, Ltd.
PC15-064 - Allied Design Consultants, Inc6/13/2014No ConflictAllied Design Consultants, Inc.
collapse Fiscal Year : 2014 ‎(72)
PC14-070 - Laverdiere Construction, Inc6/12/2014No ConflictLaverdiere Construction, Inc.
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