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Notices issued by the Chief Procurement Office, and notices required by statute, are published here.


Chief Procurement Office Notices

These notices communicate information and establish procedures for carrying out procurement tasks in compliance with the Illinois Procurement Code.
collapse Fiscal Year : Rescinded CPO Notices (no longer authoritative; may be used for historical reference) ‎(9)
CPO Notice 2016.01Small Purchase Threshold7/20/2015
CPO Notice 2015.01Small Purchase Procedure5/26/2015
CPO Notice 2014.05FY15 Small Purchase Threshold6/26/2014
CPO Notice 2014.03Multi-Year Contract Recertification3/7/2014
CPO Notice 2014.02Political Contributions11/20/2013
CPO Notice 2014.01Small Purchase Threshold10/31/2013
CPO Notice 2013.01Subcontractor Disclosures and Certifications4/10/2013
CPO Notice 2012.05Determinations of Non-Responsiveness and Non-Responsibility1/31/2012
CPO Notice 2011.03Emergency Purchases9/15/2010
collapse Fiscal Year : 2017 ‎(7)
CPO Notice 2022.01Amendment to Notice 2017.025/19/2022
CPO Notice 2017.06Emergency Purchases4/18/2017
CPO Notice 2017.05Continuing Disclosure for Multi-Year Vendors and Subcontractors3/15/2017
CPO Notice 2017.04Determinations of Non-Responsive and Non-Responsible2/22/2017
CPO Notice 2017.03Rescission of Certain CPO Notices12/2/2016
CPO Notice 2017 02Small Purchase Threshold and Delegation10/5/2016
CPO Notice 2017.01 Subcontractor Disclosure - Addition or Change10/4/2016
collapse Fiscal Year : 2014 ‎(2)
CPO Notice 2014.06Small Business Threshold12/22/2014
CPO Notice 2014.04Illinois Procurement Gateway (Vendor Portal)6/5/2014
collapse Fiscal Year : 2013 ‎(2)
CPO Notice 2013.04Mandatory Pre-Bid Meetings8/14/2013
CPO Notice 2013.03MBE/FBE Goals7/3/2013
collapse Fiscal Year : 2011 ‎(3)
CPO Notice 2011.04Timely Execution of Contracts and Start of Work4/26/2011
CPO Notice 2011.02Contract Extensions8/27/2010
CPO Notice 2011.01Procurement and Contract Authority8/26/2010






Small Purchase Checklist and Approval v.18.1
Comptroller Late Execution Waiver Request.doc



Procurement Communication Reporting, December 2013