BEP Waivers

Good Faith Effort Waivers at Contract Renewal

Section 20-60(f) of the Illinois Procurement Code (30 ILCS 500/) provides that no vendor shall be eligible for renewal of a contract when that vendor failed to meet the goals agreed to in the vendor's utilization plan, unless the State agency determines that the vendor made good faith efforts toward meeting the contract goals and the chief procurement officer concurs with the agency's decision to issue a waiver.

Good Faith Effort Waivers at Solicitation and Contract Goal Exemptions

Section 7(5) of the Business Enterprise for Minorities, Women, and Persons with Disabilities Act (BEP Act) (30 ILCS 575/) Act requires the Chief Procurement Officer to maintain a database of: (1) Good Faith Effort waivers granted under Section 7 of the BEP Act by the Business Enterprise Program (BEP) Council; (2) an agency’s written request for a BEP goal exemption for an individual contract or an entire class of contracts; and (3) the BEP Council’s written determination, which has been delegated to the Business Enterprise Program, granting or denying a request for an exemption

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Prohibited Firms

Section 7(6) of the BEP Act requires the Chief Procurement Officer to maintain a list of all firms that have been prohibited from bidding, offering, or entering into a contract with the State of Illinois as a result of violations of the BEP Act.

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