BidBuy - Frequently Asked Questions

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expand Question : ​Who should I contact to update my Ship To or Bill To addresses in BidBuy? ‎(1)


Answer: Email with: 

Contact, Street Address, City, State, Zip, Phone Number, Email  and the Department within the Protfolio/Agency that you want it added to. 

expand Question : How do I receive notification on all procurements for my agency? ‎(1)


Answer: A reminder can be added to the Reminders tab to notify you via email manually. You can also check all procurements you have access to by going to Documents -> Requisition(Bid, or PO) -> In Progress -> View all

expand Question : Our agency has submitted a PBC for ordering against a Master Contract.  Can we continue with ordering against it... ‎(1)
expand Question : ​How do I get access to BidBuy? ‎(1)


Answer: ​The ability to gain access to BidBuy begins within your agency.  For agency-specific instruction, please contact your agency BidBuy trainer(s), Agency Purchasing Officer (APO) or State Purchasing Officer (SPO) for assistance.

expand Question : How do I reset my password for BidBuy? ‎(1)
expand Question : ​Who should I contact if I have questions in regard to a Master Blanket Contract? ‎(1)


​Answer: The contact person listed as the Buyer on the master contract in BidBuy.

expand Question : ROM - Line Items ‎(1)
expand Question : Who should I contact if I'm unable to locate a Master Contract or a line item I believe should be in a master contract? ‎(1)

Answer: If you're able to find the contract, contact the Buyer on that contract. If you are unable to locate the contract, please contact CMS or DoIT.

expand Question : ​What should I do if I receive an error in the system? ‎(1)

Answer: Try to refresh the page, exit out and try the action again. If you continue to receive a system error, take a full page screen print and submit this to

expand Question : Bid Stuck in Open Status ‎(1)
expand Question : BidBuy Icons/Toolbar Missing ‎(1)


This is a known issue with Internet Explorer. Chrome is the recommended and preffered browser for BidBuy. Switch browsers. If this does not resolve the issue or IE HAS to be used, please contact the State User Help Desk at 

expand Question : Browser "Error 404" ‎(1)
expand Question : Change Order - Internal Only ‎(1)

​When creating a non-material Change Order that you do not want result in notification to the vender:

  • From within the Change Order
    • Go to the "Summary" tab.
    • Within the "Header/item Changes" field, to the far right, deselect 'Show to Vendor".
      •                 Be sure to uncheck every box.
    • Within the "Attachment File Changes" field, to the far right, deselect "Show to Vendor".
    • Do this for all relevant changes/items in additional fields.
    • Do NOT put general comments in the top of the CO. This will generate an email to the vendor and not make it an internal CO. 

expand Question : Error Message Says Similar To: "Bill-to address "ADDRESS HERE" is not valid." ‎(1)
expand Question : How to save a quote in progress and then search and find it to complete it  ‎(1)

  1. While working on entering a quote, if you hit Save & Continue on the current tab, your work has been saved.


  1. Even though there is not an Exit button, you can exit the quote by clicking Back to Bid or any other option on your screen (Home, search, etc.).


  1.  To find your In Progress quote, use the Advanced Search option. Select Quotes as your document type, enter the Bid #, and click Find It. 


    •  This will give you a list of all quotes (submitted and in progress) for that Bid. Select the quote number for the quote that needs to be completed. 

    • You can see that the quote is still In Progress and you are able to complete your entry before submitting the quote

expand Question : Print Sequence Error ‎(1)
expand Question : Trying to Open a Form in a Browser ‎(1)


Issue Expanded:

You clicked one of the forms or downloaded an attachment from the procurement, it opened in the browser and you see:

"Please Wait...If this message is not eventually replaced by the proper contenst of the document, your PDF viewer may not be able to display this type of document.

Why you are getting this error:

Firefox, Chrome, and Edge browsers do not work with Dynamic PDFs. Dynamic PDFs, in short and simple terms, are the fillable PDFs the state uses for procurement forms and other documents such as our registration form. They are different from standard PDFs. The only major browser capable of opening one without downloading the document is Internet Explorer, which we do not recommend be used with BidBuy due to system complications.


Download the PDF to the computer and open it locally. Make necessary changes, save the PDF as a non-dynamic (static/flat) document, then upload as needed.

AND/OR disable PDF from opening in Chrome by default.

To do ths:

  1.  In Chrome, at the top right, click the three vertical dots, then Settings.
  2.  At the bottom, click to expand "Advanced".
  3.  Under "Privacy and  security," click "Content Settings". 
  4. Near the bottom, click "PDF documents".
  5. Toggle the Download PDF files from OFF  to ON- it will turn from grey to blue, and the toggle will show to have slid to the right. 

With the setting turned on, it will look like this:

expand Question : Who do I contact for an error with SAP itself? ‎(1)
expand Question : ​Who do I contact for Training in BidBuy? ‎(1)


Answer: Please contact your Agency BidBuy Trainer, APO, or SPO for agency specific training.

expand Question : How do I cancel a Bid? ‎(1)
expand Question : What is my Agency, Department, Location, and Address? Are they different? ‎(1)
  • Agency/Entity = goverment agency such as DOC, IDOT, etc

  • Department = deparment role within your agency; example: Statesville Correctional, Legal, Mental Health, Admin.

  • Location =  additional location of your department; this is often the same as your department; example: Chicago Office

  • Address = physical address of the building you are located in; example: 401 South Ave, X, IL 62703

The system structures these as follows: 
Agency > Department > Location > Address

expand Question : What user roles do what? ‎(1)
expand Question : ​What should I do if a vendor contacts me with questions? ‎(1)


​Answer: Refer calls or forward email to the BidBuy Vendor Helpdesk at or 866-455-2897.

expand Question : How do vendors register to use BidBuy? ‎(1)
expand Question : How does a Seller Administrator update its company name in its BidBuy account? ‎(1)

Answer: The Seller Administrator needs to contact the Vendor Help Desk for revisions to its company name.  Supporting documentation may be required for name changes. 

expand Question : How will BEP information be reflected in BidBuy? ‎(1)
expand Question : If the vendor changes their NIGP codes in BidBuy, will that information also be reflected in IPG? ‎(1)

    • Newly added NIGP codes in BidBuy will not be reflected in the IPG
    • Deactivated NIGP codes in Bidbuy will not be reflected in the IPG
expand Question : If the vendor changes their NIGP codes in IPG, will that information also be reflected in BidBuy? ‎(1)
expand Question : If the vendor is registered in IPG, do they need to register again in BidBuy? ‎(1)

Answer: When a vendor is registered in IPG, the NIGP codes they select are transferred to a mini-registration in BidBuy. 
  • The vendor completes that registration in BidBuy.
  • When completing the BidBuy registration, the vendor can add or deactivate NIGP codes in its BidBuy account.  Those selections will not affect the IPG selections.